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Do nation states seek to maximize wealth or power - Essay Example

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Each nation outlines its plans based on the current state of the county. Conflicting nation tends to use two concepts as the source of their conflicts. The scarce resources within the human space prompt countries to…
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Do nation states seek to maximize wealth or power
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Download file to see previous pages Core states would fight to control the international in an effort to stamp their wealth dominance over givens states. In an event a political based conflict arises, the states would deploy methods that will ensure their political and power dominance over other states. The essay will focus on power and wealth enjoyed by states and will determine the magnitude of each in enhancing dominancy.
Humans are unique thus set their goals based on their needs at a specific period. The nature in which they satisfy their needs may vary. Those satisfied by their needs will tend to seek surplus dominance over the others. The concept applies to states in that core states seek more control of the world thus deploy various means to ensure they attain their goals. The satisfaction of citizen is measure by the economic growth and other government indicators. Peripheral and semi peripheral state tend to focus more in attain the basic needs, as there exist a gap between the wealth and the poor. Closing the gap would mean more resources are channelled towards social issues. The struggle to attain a specific economic status prompt these countries to depend on aid from the core states to enable them substantiate their limited resources (Dunne & Schmidt , 2008)
Economic strength enables a country to dominate the world in matters decision making. Countries would stamp their authority after they dominate the world trade. Krasner (2000) attributes the concept of dominance to hegemony effect where a state proves its economic prowess over a group of other states. Countries try to dominate the market by creating supply to meet the global demand. The amount of activities by a given country will determine its economic supremacy. Core countries pull out resources in effort of ensuring their supremacy in the global economy. Trade is a determinant when evaluating the global economy. Country will tend to focus on increasing their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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