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Term Paper on What are the causes and effects of Rapid population growth in third world countries - Essay Example

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Human population has been expanding at a rate that has changed the social and economic fabric of many countries with the world’s population reaching six billion in 1999. Unfortunately, third world countries have been burdened with this problem for many years and they continue…
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Term Paper on What are the causes and effects of Rapid population growth in third world countries
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Download file to see previous pages According to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA 1999) the world population is expected to reach a total of 9.1 billion in 2050 and all of the growth will take place in the less developed countries. This means that there will be significant increases in the populations of countries of Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, parts of Asia and Eastern Europe.
Overpopulation results from a lower death rate and a higher birth rate. One of the major causes of rapid population growth is attributed to the discoveries and improvements in science and technology. With the improvement in medical technology and the discoveries of vaccines, new medicines and the extinction of many childhood diseases, many persons have a longer life span and even if they are faced with multiple diseases medicines and foods have helped in the cure and the possibility of living longer. With the implementation of public health programs many governments have been instrumental in containing infectious diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis. More people have access to a cleaner, safer supply of drinking water. The population of most developing countries increases at two percent to four percent per year (Stanton, 2003). They hold eighty percent of the world’s population. The forty nine least developed countries in the world have the fastest growth rate. These countries include Afghanistan, Angola, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Mali, Yemen, Malawi.
The three projected possibilities indicate a large increase when compared with the population explosion of the 1950’s. It also shows an increasing trend that may continue to grow well beyond the year 2050.
Many families in developing countries, although they have access to family planning advice and methods still prefer to have large families which may be due to traditional or religious reasons or a combination of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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