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Violent Crimes - Essay Example

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Running Head: VIOLENT CRIMES Student ID Lecturer Submission Date University 1. Crime-switching and specialization patterns are common in sexual offenders. Public perception and scientific studies have documented how this population has attracted the attention and of various scholars and experts in law enforcement…
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Violent Crimes
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Extract of sample "Violent Crimes"

Download file to see previous pages This is because they believe they should not be caught and brought to justice. The role of the people at large is to understand how they can find a way through which these sexual offenders are taken to task. To begin with, it is always a good omen for the society if all its inmates know exactly what is required of them and how they must manifest their truest selves towards combating any form of offense, be it sexual or physical one. The extent of the offense would subside quickly if such actions are taken on a proactive basis and hence the sexual offenders will get the idea that the society is well aware of their upcoming tactics. Some of the ramifications that have impacted the psychic of the community have been in the form of shelving their own selves since there is too much terror available within the terrains of the society. Also the people shall understand that if these sexual offenders are allowed to go on a rampage, they might destruct the basis of sanity, which indeed is a genuine concern if seen within the relevant thick of things. Their predatory actions need to be judged in advance so that any anomalies that might take place in the future are properly documented. The public perception matters a great deal and hence it should be accorded the significance that it richly deserves. 2. In compare some; men and women have different motives in the commitment of murder. While society normally favors the irrational behaviors of murders committed by men, the acceptance of women committing murder causes public perception to rationalize the reason for this crime. Explain how the modern day media influence our thoughts on the division of male and female acts of murder? The modern day media influence as far as murder is concerned remains largely a male oriented commitment. If females go about murdering people, it is due to the fact that they have either been subjected to harsh treatment that they have eventually resorted or perhaps they are not within their normal selves. The role of the media remains strangely unique for both the genders. Our thoughts come about as a direct result of what the media feeds us, day in and day out. It is because of the media influence that both men and women have started to see murder in a completely new light. When men commit to such an insane behavior, they are perhaps not dealt with too harshly. However, this is not the case when females are involved in it. The male and female acts of murder shed light on the premise of understanding that murder in itself is a heinous and it really does not matter who commits the crime, as long as it is being committed, and that too for all the wrong reasons. Now the role of the media should be such that they must expose the killer rather than revealing the gender basis, which is not such an important aspect if seen within the relevant settings. The society must also understand that they ought to stop sending favorable signals to the men when they commit a murder while females must also be treated in an equal manner because the gravity of the issue is immense, all said and done. 3. Women who commit acts of sexual offending are followed by an extreme amount of media coverage. The chapter makes the analogy of a possible different standard “in the eyes of the law,” when women are accused of engaging in acts of sexual offense and abuse. How can our society find “ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Violent Crimes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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