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Governmental Crimes - Research Paper Example

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Governmental Crimes The world today is facing a number of threats of criminal offences in almost every field. The workplaces, educational institutes, social welfare organizations, governmental departments and healthcare providers are some of the areas which are vulnerable to the criminal activities and corruption…
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Governmental Crimes Research paper
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Download file to see previous pages The increasing rates of governmental crimes are often neglected by the policymakers intentionally or unintentionally. It should be noted that governmental crimes do not only involve the national constituencies where nation faces the influences but it also crosses the borders and creates transnational influences (Rothe et al., 2006). This paper focuses on the discussion of governmental crimes, the implications of such crimes and their scope. It also recommends various ways to curb the issue of governmental crimes. The conventional crimes have been widely considered by the scholars, researchers, governments, policymakers, law enforcers, social workers and public representatives. The impact of such exposure and importance given to conventional crimes may be a factor which resulted in huge reduction of those crimes. However, the governmental crimes are often neglected by the authorities as well as the public (Rothe & Mullins, 2006). The reason may be lack of knowledge among general public but the impact of governmental crimes is larger and more extensive than conventional crimes. The influence of exposure to conventional crimes and increasing pressure by media, public and other groups influenced the policymakers and regulatory bodies to divert their attention towards resolving the conventional crime issues. ...
The 20th century governmental crime incidents are real life examples of the effects this ignorance has caused. The Nazi Germany, Maoist China and many other such events which had devastating impacts on people, society and the states. Genocidal actions (in case of Bosnia and Rwanda) of tribunals were one of the major steps taken to curb the issue of governmental or state crimes in the late 20th century. The matters associated with Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine etc. also gave rise to the objection on the massive usage of mass destruction weapons. There are many opponents of America, Israel and other nations who qualify these states as criminal due to the policies and activities that led to the invasion of less powerful states. All these cases are clearly lack of controlled authority over the actions of nations involved and had transnational effects. However, there are a few criminologists who sought these issues as worth mentioning and debated on them (Mathew & Kauzlarich, 2007). Governmental Crimes should be debated about and controlled for the reason that Governments are generally believed to enact and impose laws. They are responsible to maintain a sound law and order situation and prevent crimes in the state. The body that is responsible to prevent crimes from occurring should not be involved in that act itself. The history of governmental or state crimes is old enough to associate it with the emergence of states themselves. Chambliss () asserted during the presidential lecture almost twenty years back and claimed that economic and political well being is so important to the states and governments that they often go beyond the borders set by them in the form of laws and regulations. The basic theme was to put forward the idea of violating one’s own laws ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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