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Differential Association Theory: Defining the root of violent crimes - Essay Example

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The complexities of the society over the years paved way for social problems such as crimes and violence in the community. This study opted to explain violent crimes by going through the complexities of the definition and going through a theory that defines the mere presence of such social deviances…
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Differential Association Theory: Defining the root of violent crimes
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Differential Association Theory: Defining the root of violent crimes

Download file to see previous pages... Everybody dreams of a perfectly safe world to live in, a world free from suffering and harm inflicted by the many violent acts of man against each other. The road to freedom from violence and crime still travels a rough and tough path since the start of civilization. The question still remains until now if are we living against a violent world or has the world changed to a safe place to live in? Today people are aware of the violence around the community through the many forms of news expressed in tabloids, media and even the internet. Every time people open the television for news, most often headlines always comprises of crimes and violence such as killings in many forms. Or when people reads newspapers there has been no newspaper published in the history of publications that does not contain crime against people such as robbery. Not to mention the vast information loaded in the internet with sites, blogs and addresses that explicitly spreads the presence of violence and crime such as rape and homicide.The world indeed is as always a wonderful complicated place to live in. Many efforts have been exerted to make living among the human populace as peaceful and harmonious as ever despite the differences in culture and beliefs. But somehow those efforts made to secure the environment have evolved and indeed the world we have now is so far the greatest violence-fighting-society man has become. Equal laws were promulgated and are implemented among the society that ensures penalty that would suffice a violation made against the law and the lawful right of another person. And to better understand the nature of these hostile unnatural acts of man, that have violated the rights of many people, is to go over not just by definition but to go thru various studies made. To go over the complexities of violent crime is to understand the way it should be treated and prevented as well as if time and chances permit that it happens to a person, his knowledge about crimes could be the best defense. Violent crimes are violations of criminal law that involves the unintentional use of violence by one person against another. Criminologists favor narrow definitions of violence focusing on physical harm or threats. Another definition of violence according to the National Research Council is that these are behaviors by individuals that intentionally threaten, attempt, or inflict physical harm on others (Rosenfeld 2010). This definition includes a wide array of behaviors including homicide, assault, robbery, rape, torture and capital punishment but it excludes many acts that are encompassed by other reasonable definitions (Rosenfeld 2012). Although many authors sought to define violent crimes in many context somehow the definition encompasses the same definition if all summed up together. In that similar note, in the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program, violent crime is composed of four offenses: murder and non negligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. According to this UCR, violent crimes as those offenses which involve the use of force or threat of force in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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