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Trends of violence in juvenile crimes - Research Paper Example

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As per the recent reports from all over the world show that juveniles are not reluctant in using any type of armoury in order to execute their missions. Lack of parental control, drug…
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Trends of violence in juvenile crimes
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Extract of sample "Trends of violence in juvenile crimes"

Download file to see previous pages This paper investigates the current trends in violent juvenile crimes and its reasons.
Criminal and violent activities among children are increasing day by day because of the changing life styles among children. Lack of parental care, drug and alcohol addiction, influence of print media, television and internet upon children were some of the main reasons for the childish offenses. Adult crime and juvenile crime are dealt separately by the court. For example, shooting and killing of another person by an adult and a juvenile will be considered differently by the court. “There are somewhere between 250,000 and 300,000 cases of child sexual abuse each year in the U.S.” (Understanding Juvenile Sex Offenders) “Juveniles account for about one-quarter of the sex offenses in the U.S.” (JONES, p.1) Most of the juveniles who suffered sexual abuse will hide it from the public view because of shame. Compared to adults, juvenile offenders are more dangerous since in most cases, their abusive behaviour will continue throughout their life span.
Some of the juvenile crimes may not be much harmful to the society whereas some other crimes may be violent also. Gun usage is not controlled much in the American society and the juveniles are using it just like a toy in their hands. Even simple juvenile clashes result in shooting incidents which kill or injure lot of innocent people because of the immaturity.
The accused terrorist, Mohammad Kazab, who has been caught alive from the recent Mumbai terrorist attack, has argued that he was not an adult, in the court where the trial of the Mumbai attack is going on. Whether it is right or wrong it is a proven fact that juveniles are currently engaged in more dangerous violent activities than before. AK 47 or Missile launchers are not a surprising thing for at least some of them. Reports from Sri Lanka have showed that the Liberation tigers of Tamil Elam (LTTE) have ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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