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Juvenile crime around the world - Essay Example

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Juvenile crime, also known as youth crime, juvenile offence is illegal actions by minors that are those who are typically under the age of eighteen.They would be acted upon had they been adults, but the laws for juvenile crime are different…
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Juvenile crime around the world
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Juvenile crime around the world

Download file to see previous pages... They can be tried in court as adults however, but this depends solely on the crime that they have committed. Different legal systems have different ways of dealing with this crime, but mostly they rely on court action or detention centers for the delinquents. There is an aspect called ‘first arrest’ in which the delinquent is arrested but may not necessarily be tried in court. And over the years, younger and younger children are indulging in crime which leads to a lowering of the average age of arresting children. Not only do adolescents commit crimes, but pre-adolescent’s rate of crime has also gone up. The crimes occur on a continuum, and may be as simple as a status offence such as smoking at a very early age, to violent crimes that can lead to juveniles being tried in the court as adults. It is a worrisome scenario to see so many crimes being committed by young people. And it may even start off as non-violent behavior such as smoking, but it usually builds up to repeated offence, and the amount of violence in crimes also tends to increase. They even tend to show antisocial behavior before they even reach adolescence if they are committing such crimes. There are also several types of juvenile crime. Around the world they can be classified as: Criminal acts which the criminal justice system deals with Delinquent behavior which is dealt with by juvenile courts Status offences which are crimes only due to the age of the offender, which are also accounted for by the juvenile courts. There are also certain types of offenders in juveniles: Adolescent limited offender who only commits crimes in adolescent and then grows out of it. However, they are likely to have some kind of disorder or difficulty in adulthood as compared to normal people who have never showed offensive behavior. Repeat offender who continues to commit offences regardless of age; but the initiative is taken in adolescence. Their level of violence may increase over their age span and they start showing anti-social and violent attitude during childhood. The reasons for this behavior might be many; from parents who have the wrong style, a low socioeconomic status, peer pressure, psychological deficiencies such as lack of serotonin etc. In the following discussion, the juvenile crime definitions and the way they are dealt with in different countries, along with the similarities and differences in different countries will be seen. Juvenile delinquents in US are believed not only to be hurting society, but them as well. Causes are believed to vary from strict parents, to poverty, living situation such a divorced family etc. One in four juveniles is considered to be an offender in US out of the 75 million delinquents in the country. Also, the trend is on the rise, since the number of delinquents’ increases rapidly each year, and so there are many more who can commit crime. The classes of age identified are three and in all three of them, the amount of crime was the same roughly in 2009. The proportion of juvenile crime is estimated to increase consistently till 2050 in the US. The crime rates of murder, forcible rape, aggravated assault and robbery were at their peak in the 1990s, but a 2005 survey shows that they dropped for all four crimes. Also a 2009 report suggests that most of the delinquents were White, which shows that this may not be due to racial discrimination. They were those who were either living in poor conditions, without a mother or father figure or both and this trend seems to point towards parents as a primary cause for this behavior. Males are also five times more likely to commit crimes than females in the US, maybe because they have more pressure, maybe because they are naturally more aggressive than females and it may be due ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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