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Should Juveniles Who Commit Murder Be Tried as Adults - Research Paper Example

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The essay “Should Juveniles Who Commit Murder Be Tried as Adults?” discusses increasing juvenile crimes, which are one of the most complex issues faced by the criminal justice system in many countries today. The influences of internet technologies are giving ample motivation to the juveniles…
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Should Juveniles Who Commit Murder Be Tried as Adults
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Extract of sample "Should Juveniles Who Commit Murder Be Tried as Adults"

Download file to see previous pages Juveniles are involved in serious murder crimes also. Date et al (2008) have mentioned the arrest of two Virginia teens in connection with a shootings along Interstate 64 near Charlottesville, Va., which left two people injured and six vehicles hit by gunfire (Date et al, 2008) Moreover, reports from Sri Lanka have showed that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam (LTTE) have used juveniles immensely for fighting against the Sri Lankan government. In short, juveniles are engaged in all types of criminal activities like the adults. Now the question is should Juveniles who commit murder be tried as adults and this paper tries to find the answer to the above question.
The accused Mumbai attack terrorist, Ajmal Amir Kasab, who has been caught alive, has argued that he was not an adult and should be treated as a juvenile in the court. “On April 17, before the trial began, Kasab had pleaded that he was a juvenile, but the court rejected his claim after examining prosecution witnesses and experts and ruled that he was above 20 years”(The Times of India). Whether the argument of Kazab is right or wrong; nobody in India knows since he was a Pakistan citizen. But the point is that Kazab was trying to utilize the liberal rules associated with juvenile crimes and punishments. According to the Indian legal system, Kazab has committed a serious crime which may bring the death penalty to him. On the other hand, if he could prove that he belongs to the minor group or the juvenile group, sometimes he can escape from the death penalty. In others words, terrorist groups across the world know that most of the countries treat juvenile crime in a different angle so that they can escape from severe punishments. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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