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Choose one of the two question on counter terrorism policy - Essay Example

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Counterterrorism Grand Strategy Name Institution Instructor Date Counter Terrorism Strategy Counter terrorism has become one of the top priorities of many countries since the attacks that took place at the World Trade Centre. No one can deny the presence of terrorism but in defining terrorism, there are many differences.1 Countries have tried to strike a balance in ensuring that citizens have the right of security while maintaining the rights of all human beings while trying to combat terrorism…
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Choose one of the two question on counter terrorism policy
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"Choose one of the two question on counter terrorism policy"

Download file to see previous pages Counter terrorism strategy has four main pillars with a framework for a comprehensive response to terrorism at an international level. The pillars are preventing individuals from becoming terrorists, protecting civilians and infrastructure by ensuring there is reduced vulnerability to attacks, disrupting support networks for terrorists, managing and minimizing the consequences that may arise in case of a terror attack. Therefore, this strategy requires working at an international level and despite the fact that these measures are a step forward in combating terrorism, countering terrorism still remains a problem due to lack of clearly defined policies. Public Policy Perspective of Counterterrorism Much counterterrorism policies are expressed in prevention terms and not as a precautionary measure.2 Moreover, counter terrorism efforts will constitute all the necessary actions taken by a government in trying to hinder attacks; hence, its formulated policies should try to reflect the goals and missions of the government. Therefore, having a future measure can consist of actions such as the distinguishing of practices that involve counter terrorism. There are three main aims that governments have during the outlining of a government’s goal in trying to counter the terrorist attacks, which include preventing the escalation of terror attacks, eliminating terrorism and minimizing the damages that might be caused in case of a terror attack. Eliminating terrorist involves destruction of terrorist organizations while actions involved in minimizing damage that may occur in case of an attack include trying to reduce possible future attacks or preventing suicide bombings. The acts of avoiding the spread of both scope of terror attacks and conflicts are key prevention measures for terrorism. In enhancing these policies, most governments preclude organizations from being able to gain certain political achievements such as receiving support from a foreign country. The new legislations that we rely on have legal solutions that rely on judgment placed on judges’ hands.3 The policies should be made based on actions that are accepted in the society. This error requires overspecialization of counterterrorism officers in order to diminish impaired judgments against them.4 One of the democratic measures that a government can take is understanding the various factors that motivate and process radicalization; hence, it is important to acknowledge the fact that acknowledging the difficulty of eliminating a threat is the first step in developing strategies for combating terrorism. International Relation Perspective of Counterterrorism grand Strategy The states have a variety of ways in which they can tackle terrorism on an international system. For instance, EU member states have tried to put measures that will combat terrorism in their EU level. Moreover, governments face a number of challenges within the strategies they use for combating terrorism. The EU coordinators have a setback, which are unable to coordinate complex areas of counterterrorism due to diverse structures.5 For instance, Europe had a surge in the national terrorism when it combined with other groups such as IRA from ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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