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The current paper aims to determine the elements of a successful counter-terrorism strategy. Ten interviews with experts on the subject matter served as primary data. Findings of the study indicated that the interviewees were aware of how critical the issue of terrorism has become…
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What Are the Elements of a Successful Counter-Terrorist Strategy
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Download file to see previous pages Terrorism has been one of the most significant problems that the World has been dealing with in the twenty-first century (Ganor 2005). It generally pertains to the systematic use of terror as a means by which a person or a group of people could coerce another into doing something. In its common usage, the word terrorism pertains to those acts committed to cause fear and compromise the safety of the civilians (Deflem 2004). Most importantly, the prevalence of this problem in this particular era has led to the perception that it is often perpetrated by groups guided by their desire to attain a certain religious, political or ideological goal. Terrorism is considered as both a tactic and a strategy. It is properly defined as the creation and exploitation of fear through the use of violence or the threat of using violence (Burke 2006). Because of the effect of terrorism on the social, economic and political aspect of states and non-states, various methods have been devised to prevent terrorist attacks, or at least reduce its negative effects. Thus, counterterrorism has been considered as yet another important agenda of states and other juridical entities (Durmaz 2007). This study aims to look into the different methods falling under the umbrella of counterterrorism as well as the elements that the same must contain in order to ensure its success. This chapter aims to provide an introduction to the topic at hand as well as to the aims and contents of this dissertation thus dividing it into the following sections: first, background of the study; second, research objectives; third, statement of the problem; fourth, research questions; fifth, significance of the study; sixth, scope and limitations; seventh, operational definition of terms; and finally, an overview of the dissertation.
Background of the Study
As earlier mentioned, counterterrorism refers to an important agenda of states and non-states in their attempt to respond to terrorist threats and attacks (Orttung and Makarychev 2006). More specifically, counterterrorism pertains to the different practices, tactics, techniques, and strategies that various juridical personalities (i.e. departments and corporations) make use of in order to effectively prevent and respond to terrorist threats and acts whether they be real or not. In this regard, counterterrorism focuses on both the detection of potential attacks as well as to the development of effective responses in order to address the same. More often than not, counter-terrorism strategies involve an increase in intelligence both in its standard police and domestic forms (Silke 2010).
Because of the effect of terrorism on the social, economic and political aspect of states and non-states, various methods have been devised to prevent terrorist attacks, or at least reduce its negative effects. Thus, counterterrorism has been considered as yet another important agenda of states and other juridical entities. Because of the importance of strategies related to counter-terrorism, it has been expounded that all aspects and segments of the society are of paramount importance in designing a counter-terrorist plan. In the same manner, it has also been argued that it is of utmost significance that propaganda and indoctrination be properly understood for the two lies at the heart of terrorism. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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