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Law - Workplace Deviance - Essay Example

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Workplace Deviance: Generation Y employees a necessary evil. Name: Course: Professor: Institution: City and State: Date: Introduction A number studies have been initiated to unravel the mystery behind generation Y employees. Consequently, many modern organizations’ Human Resource Departments have more questions than answers to the emerging generation of employees who seem to defy the organizational structures that perfectly contain generation X employees…
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Law - Workplace Deviance
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Download file to see previous pages It is no longer unusual to see an employee making personal calls in an office setting, intentionally going slow on work, using office resources such as internet to chat with friend on the social media and even sabotaging the seniors in an organizational setting. The aforementioned behaviors perfectly fit Anwar et al. (2010) definition of deviance as they threaten the organizational order. A quick scan on the term “Production Deviance” with the help of Google search engine reveals millions of hits and there are numerous credible sites that are viably of help in my project. There are at least ten credible journals and articles available to help me satisfy the minimum articles requirements to be reviewed, analyzed, and reported for the purpose of this literature review project. Summary of articles Appelbaum et al (2005) in their article “The relationship of ethical climate to deviant workplace behavior” delves into the causes and implications of how the ethical climate within an organization in due course affects the occurrence of workplace deviance. Their research evaluates issues of ethical contexts and climates within organizations and their possible implications in the daily work lives of participants, the causes of unethical behavior, which include but not limited to; presence of behaviors antagonistic to organizational norms, internal environment of the organization, and commitment of an organization in fostering friendly work environment among others. Their research investigates current trends in preventing workplace deviance and further recommends future researches on these trendy workplace behaviors. Dunlop and Kibeom (2004) researches on the effect of workplace deviance behaviors and organizational citizenship behavior on the overall organizational performance - they analyzes the influence of organizational citizenship behavior and workplace deviant behavior on the performance of business units, the research also analyses the contagiousness of WDB and OCB. From their research, they conclude that there is indeed a very strong correlation between the business unit performance, Organizational Citizenship Behavior, and Workplace Deviance Behaviors. In a weighing balance, Workplace Deviant Behaviors have a significantly higher negative impact on the overall business unit performance as compared to the negative impact of Organizational Citizenship Behavior. Does gender play a part in workplace deviance? Anwar et al (2011) delved into the likely relationship between workplace deviant behaviors and gender, and if there is any difference between organizational deviance and interpersonal deviance. Their research yielded that male staffs in their university expressed workplace deviance behaviors more than their female counterparts, and those incidences of organizational deviance was higher than incidences of interpersonal deviance behaviors. Literature Review Introduction In the modern era, managing generation Y employees has become one of the greatest challenges to both for profit and non-profit organization. Levels of workplace deviance are on the increase and greatly do have a direct negative impact on the overall organization performance. Robinson and Bennet (2000) define workplace deviance ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Law - Workplace Deviance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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