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MEMORANDUM TO: Professor FROM: DATE: September 27, 2012 RE: Should Corporations Be Allowed to Implement English-Only Rules in the Workplace? PART A 1. My initial gut reaction that emerges after reading the issue is that there has to be English-only work rule in the corporations…
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Download file to see previous pages Krahnke et al. (2003) suggest that the US workforce is quite complex not only linguistically but also culturally. Authors further state that in 2002, the California legislature enacted a bill that forbids the regulation of language in the workplaces unless business or safety requirements dictate it. Park (1994) argues quoting Barnaby Zall, a law expert that the Supreme Court has never called a language-related rule as national origin discrimination. Gibson K. (2006) emphasizes that there is no need to restrict the language use. As businesses accept the people in workplace with different ethnicity, race and religion; similarly, they should embrace other languages as well. 5. Though there have been diverse views on the subject but I still stick to the only-English rule at work places. The main reason is that it is necessary for cohesive and smooth functioning of the job at work places. In the US, most of the people have working knowledge of English while it cannot be said for any other language including Spanish. 6. The questions/troubling points for the Yes/No side are: a. What to do if non-English speaking people feel like discriminated if they are not allowed to speak in their language? b. What to do if English-speaking people feel they are being made mockery of as they cannot understand other language? References Krahnke, K., Hoffman, L., Krahnke, K. (2003). Managing Language Use in the Workplace. The Journal of Behavioral and Applied Management, 2003 – Vol. 4(1) Page 148. Retrieved September 26, 2011 from Park, R. (1994). Language in the Workplace. The Social Contract Press. Retrieved September 26, 2011 from Gibson K. (2006). English Only Court Cases Involving the U.S. Workplace: The Myths of Language Use and the Homogenization of Bilingual Workers’ Identities. Retrieved September 26, 2011 from content/uploads/2011/06/Gibson.pdf MEMORANDUM TO: Professor FROM: DATE: September 27, 2012 RE: Is Downsizing a Sound Strategic Initiative? PART A 1. My initial gut reaction that emerges after reading the issue is that downsizing is a sound strategic initiative. 2. ‘Yes side’ appears more persuasive to me. 3. The reaction to this has come to me after experiencing economic sluggishness post 2008 that has spread not only in the US but also Europe and other parts of the world. PART B 4. Cameron (1994) argues that downsizing is done for survival of the organization before it is too late to rectify the situation. The author also argues that objectives towards downsizing should be in line with the long term objectives of the organization. Hornstein (2009) argues that the results of downsizing are not in line with the expectations. Downsizing brings a negative effect on employee morale, leads to knowledge loss and disrupts skills gathered in past years. Author cites growing body of research to indicate that downsizing does not even help to reduce costs. Margolis and Molinsky (2009) argue that downsizing is a necessary evil and must be exercised with caution. They give stress on being compassionate and direct; however, it should be performed with respect and dignity. 5. Economic conditions in general and in a specific situation may force organization to resort to downsizing tactics for the survival. I still feel that it is an important strategic initiat ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Memorandums Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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