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Criminal Justice Policy Issue (Immigration in Arizona) - Essay Example

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Criminal Justice Policy Issues: Arizona Immigration Law [Name] [Date] Introduction The status of immigrants has always been a controversial and challenging issue for many governments. There are vivid discussions and numerous protests against immigration in Arizona…
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Criminal Justice Policy Issue (Immigration in Arizona)
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore, in order to prevent illegal immigration in the American States, it is relevant not only to take strict measures, but also take into account human rights, the rights of immigrants and develop immigration policies in accordance with socially favorable norms and conditions. Immigration policy in Arizona The main goal of the immigration law in Arizona is to make stricter regulations on immigration measures. For example, a failure of having immigration documents is positioned as a crime and the police have power to detain anyone who is in the country illegally. Such measures are considered to be acts of discrimination focused on Hispanics. The rights of the Mexican residents are in danger in terms of this immigration law. Moreover, this policy is even named “Nazism”. There are numerous court challenges, which occurred in the result of this policy implementation. There is an evident intimidation for the community distrust, increased level of crimes, expensive litigation, national repercussions (Engstrom, 2010). Arizona immigrants are obliged to carry the identity documents, which underline their legitimate presence on the American land. Nevertheless, the developers of this law project are more focused on a facilitation of law carrying out. Law enforcement measures are introduced at a governmental level and there is a need to act in compliance with the laws. There was a striking event concerning the background of law enforcement. A rancher in southern Arizona was killed and it triggered Ms. Brewer and other governmental leaders to intensify the protection on the National border by the National Guard troops. Therefore, there are hostile moods among Hispanics and they are against intensification of their immigration. On behalf of the police, it is currently relevant to detain those people who are suspected to be on the American lands without authorization and identification. Only medical treatment of a suspected individual or his/her involvement in an investigation would hinder this process. Moreover, local government is under pressure and scrutinized attention from the community because it can be sued in case it violates federal or state immigration law enforcement. There is an essential social turmoil in the State because of the immigration law enforcement introduction. Hispanic voters are much concerned about this law and they can be influenced in the process of elections in case of law enforcement prevention. Thus, it is relevant to create a favorable atmosphere of immigration law enforcement. In case it is prevented in different states and cities, it is relevant to talk about removal of “sanctuary rules” at the federal level. State Sen. Russell Pearce (R-Mesa) invented the Immigration Law of Arizona State and he underlines that the positive changes of the law enforcement are the following ones: Immigrants would be unable to avoid obtaining adequate alien registration document. Officers would be enabled to arrest immigrants in case the latter cannot show their legal identification of presence on the American lands. Soft immigration enforcement and sanctuary rules would be disabled and would not be regulated by local governments. Street traffic will not be on halt because of overcrowding due to immigrants looking for employement. Evidently, these are rather strict measures taken against immigrants in the State of Arizona. Brewer experienced protesters’ demands of reforms prevention, but promised to treat everyone fairly ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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