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Immigration to USA - Assignment Example

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After the 9/11 incidence, the government restructured the INS to avoid similar incidences in future. The changes that were implemented by the government were supposed to strengthen the border security of the United States…
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Immigration to USA
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"Immigration to USA"

Download file to see previous pages Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCI) and the Bureau of Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE). The jurisdiction and oversight of these agencies was transferred from the Justice Department to the DHS (Rudolph 6). All these were supposed to keep the American security at the realm. The reorganization brought together some or all the 22 federal agencies that formed a cabinet agency called the department of homeland security (DHS). These agencies included the US immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). This department had been part of the department of justice, but was later divided into three new agencies which were housed within the DHS. This restructuring process created the largest restructuring of the executive-branch functions since the establishment of the department of defence after the Second World War (Perrow web). The immigration policy is supposed to ensure aliens and criminals do not gain access to the United States. The officers in the immigration department are involved in issuing identification papers and citizenship to the people who meet the requirements of citizenship in the United States. The immigration policy has been tasked with offering service and enforcing sections of the immigration policy in America. There is however a difference between immigration policy service and the immigration policy enforcement. ...
While both of these are important elements of the policy, enforcement has been given more emphasis than service. Most people confuse that the work of the immigration policy is just to enforce the policies which is not the case. Mostly, we do not hear about the service function of the policy as the news entirely covers the enforcement section of the policy alone. There has been a huge objection to the law like the Arizona SB 1070 which allows a legal enforcing officer to arrest and detain a suspect if the officer can prove that the person is an alien. However, those in objection point out that it is hard to tell who exactly is an illegal immigrant and who is not. Thus, the law has been deemed to target the Latino tribe of the people in the country. There are various pros and cons to this law. The law has been described as a means of profiling and narrowing down the number of suspects by the criterion of race, ethnicity, nationality, or religion (“National Conference of State Legislatures” web). This has helped to narrow down the number of suspects. As a method of racial profiling, narrowing down the field of suspects is legal as it helps identify suspects easily. However, the law has its bad side since the law enforcing officers can decide to target a particular race like the Latino. It also makes a certain tribe feel alienated from the rest of the society. Moreover, this law is not only discriminative but also delays justice imposing danger to the suspects. Since the law is targeted at identifying and arresting suspects, there is the likelihood of increased arrests made by the officers. Since the law requires an officer to make an arrest in case they suspect the person to be in the country illegally, the number of arrests is likely to be more and therefore less ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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