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Case Study: Stinky Trainers - Essay Example

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Introduction The problems which have occurred with the football boots made by Nike come from the faulty materials which were used with the product. The problem is one which is leading to several not being able to use the shoes as well as other associations which only allow one to wear the shoes once or not at all…
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Case Study: Stinky Trainers
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Download file to see previous pages This is furthered with legal implications and how this relates to the negligence used with making the boot. Problems experienced within this case study, such as the inability to use the boot and the foot rot which has been experienced all imply that further legal actions need to be considered while certain rights are understood based on the situation. Sales of Goods Act of 1979 The first implication which is based on the particular case study with Nike comes from the Sales of Goods Act of 1979. According to this act, there are a formation of rules and contracts that are associated with the obligations between the buyer and seller. In this particular act, there are rights and duties which are carried forward by the parties who are selling the goods to an individual. The rules are based on the expectation that the seller provides the buyer with the transfer of goods in exchange for cash. The contract of sale is then made which can either be absolute or conditional. The sales of goods have to follow specifications that relate to the goods carrying standards. In this instance, the standards require that the products carry the necessary conditions to be used by a minor or other person, specifically with requirements of the sale and delivery being available for use by the minor or other person. ...
owever, it is implied that all goods carry a satisfactory quality, including appearance and finish, freedom from minor defects, safety and durability. Under the conditions that this does not occur, the buyer has the right to a partial rejection, meaning that if the goods are not satisfactory, there is the choice to accept or reject the goods. The rights are also inclusive of repairing or replacing goods which are not holding the necessary quality and fitness as advertised or expected. However, the buyer can only ask for repairmen or replacing of the goods if it is not an inconvenience to the buyer and is done within a given time frame. This is also dependent on the goods not costing more than the original purchase, unless compensation is made under the buyer. If this occurs, then there needs to be an evaluation of the condition of the goods, how they were acquired and the changes which are required. The conditions not being met may also lead to a reduced price or rescission of the contract. If there are damages or non – delivery, than the matter can be taken to court in which the seller must pay the difference of the problem (UK Legislation, 2011: 1). According to the Sales of Goods Act 1979, there is the ability to replace, repair or return the damaged items within a given time frame. This is because the quality and fitness of the product is not satisfactory, including a lack of safety and durability as well as defects to the product. The right of the buyer is based on receiving a refund or having a replacement from the seller. The rescission of the contract and the payment of the difference are required because of the faulty aspects of the shoes. This is furthered with the requirements of the contract that become conditional because of this. The conditions of this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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