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Humanitarian Military Action - Essay Example

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Humanitarian Military Action Humanitarian military action is occasionally used with the view to improving the lives of many individuals at the risk of losing the lives of others. This is controversial in the eyes of many, as at times it can cause more problems than it solves…
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Humanitarian Military Action
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Download file to see previous pages The purpose of this paper is to explore why humanitarian military action is controversial in the eyes of some, and how humanitarian military action can be useful in some situations. Using this as a basis, it will then explore the situations in which humanitarian military action has been successful and what conditions link these occasions. The same process will be completed for the failures, to provide a full overview of humanitarian military action and how best to judge whether it is the right choice in a certain situation. When Humanitarian Military Action is Accepted Many feel that there are situations where military action in the pursuit of protecting human rights is necessary. If, for example, a powerful regime is violating human rights of the citizen or resident, then many feel a more powerful or enlightened government should approve military action for the protection of these people. Humanitarian military action is also often approved with the aim of installing democracy in a country where it has not previously been the primary political system, with the attempt of improving the lifestyle, conditions and rights of the residents. It can also be to protect neighbouring countries or political forces who may be at danger without such intervention1. The central dogma of humanitarian intervention is that it is protective and so any attempts for military action without this cannot be classified as humanitarian. Evidently, this definition is broad enough that humanitarian intervention may be viable in the eyes of some, whilst not in others, and this is amongst the reasons why it can be unsuccessful. Why Humanitarian Military Action is Controversial Humanitarian military action is considered useful in many situations, but it is not without controversy. Many feel that it is an oxymoron, as military action will undermine the living conditions and lifestyle of those in combat and those surrounded by the action2. In this case, the military action can perhaps be perceived as going against the values of humanitarianism. In some cases, military action may provoke a civil uprising or the instillation of a new political regime that violates human rights more than the previous, which can again cause the action to be considered futile and damaging. There are also those who believe that geographical areas should be left to their own devices to evolve into the political system that is right for them3. In fact, proponents of this position often believe that democracy is not necessarily right for every country, and that forcing it upon citizens is a violation of human rights itself. One main reason why humanitarian intervention has become more likely in recent decades is that political and technological developments have allowed many events to be judged on a world stage and to found a modern international system. Politics has to carefully consider other nations. Despite this development, many feel that it is appropriate for each sovereign state to have immunity against intervention despite any atrocities carried out by any governmental system in place there4. It can also be suggested that the reigning regime in these opponents feel that they are correct in their views but do not feel the need to perform military intervention on the Western world. Either way, this ability and right to rule alone as is seen fit by ruling governments is seen as both part of the international stage and an anathema to it. The Conditions for Success or Failure of Humanitarian Mili ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Humanitarian Military Action Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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