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Extremism as failure of state policies - Research Paper Example

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Extremism as a failure of state policies Introduction In recent years where terrorist attacks have been able to gain renewed attention, political extremism has been highlighted as one of the ideological principles behind such extremism. More often than not, terrorist attacks have been associated with Islam extremists, with most of these extremists in the political end of moderation…
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Extremism as failure of state policies
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Download file to see previous pages The failure of state policies also seems to imply that dissatisfied individuals may resort to actions which may be very much different from the ideals held by the majority and the state. Moreover, weaknesses in state policies also seem to give rise to extremist ideals, with these ideals being seen as the more efficient solution to government and political issues. This paper shall evaluate extremism as a failure of state policies. Considerations of groups operating outside of the parliamentary system entirely will be included in this paper. Extra-parliamentary extremism considers illegal means and processes beyond acceptable channels as a way to secure extreme viewpoints and values which are not part of the mainstream ideals (George and Wilcox, 1992). Under these considerations, violent acts of para-military groups occupying political positions in different parts of the globe would be evaluated. This discussion shall be carried out based on the rise of extremism in Mali, mostly in terms of the causes of such emergence, including the perpetuation of terrorist and similar violent acts in the country. Body Extremism, defined Wintrobe (2005) defines extremism as the ideology which is not within the accepted ideals of society. Extremism also contrasts with the ideals of moderation. Eatwell and colleagues (2012, p. 8) also discuss that extremism is “typically related to actions and value systems that lie beyond the moral and political centre of society”. This term has traditionally been associated with communism and radicalism, but after the Second World War, this term has been associated with totalitarianism and authoritarianism (Eatwell,, 2012). Viewpoints which were not within the prescribed government views were actually suppressed and controlled after the World War II. Despite the appropriate co-relation between the actions of these radicals and the definition of the term, those labeled as extremists and radicals have mostly rejected the label of extremism as they argue that their actions are being directed towards the western nations which are occupying their territory (Eatwell,, 2012). Therefore, they argue that they are in fact within their rights to defend themselves against interfering countries. Despite their protestations however, their actions have long been accepted as extremist and radical by the government and by the international community. Even as extremism seems to be largely attributed to acts of insurgent groups, legitimate authorities have nevertheless also utilized this tool in order to secure political goals. Extremism is not the exclusive province of radicals or government oppositionists as it has also been used by the government itself in order to secure and implement its policies (Boyd-Judson, 2011). Thatcherism in the British government was actually at one point extracted as a response to the Buskellite big state post-war consensus (Eatwell,, 2012, p. 9). Extremist Thatcherism was also apparent in the use of force in its war against Argentina and the use of force against internal opponents when the strength and power of the state failed to restore order. Political extremism has been discussed by various political writers, who, refer to this term as inclusive of fanatical mass movements, as well as the need for people to establish lines between what is acceptable and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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