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The Rights of Corporations vs. The Rights of Women - Essay Example

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Name Professor Course Date The rights of corporations vs. the rights of women When London annual meeting confirmed the Foundations of a True Social Order, after having a detailed discussion on the report of the committee on War and the Social order during the 1918 sessions, the essence of the meeting was that the social order, that is, Capitalism, had tremendously propagated the war that was still affecting the entire population…
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The Rights of Corporations vs. The Rights of Women
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Download file to see previous pages In fact, British allies affirmed that, the personality of the partners was at greater risk depending on how they were treated (Humphreys 125- 130). The rights of corporations as well as the rights of Women despite of them being preserved since the early times, Women rights in comparison to the corporations have been extensively violated. The magnitude of violation was much felt before and during the 19th century. Even though some rights were implemented which empowered women within the business, their still much to be done because they have still not been fully incorporated within the business world. Rights of corporations have been preserved since the early times and are still being amended at the present day. Personhood was integral to the discussion since complete legal “personhood” had been discussed extensively upon the Limited Liability Corporation in Britain and America about twenty years prior to the discussion. Capitalism had been completely misshaped. As it has been indicated from Lectures IV and VI, the Limited Liability Act of 1855 in Britain had established liability to companies integrated under the Joint Stock Companies. Act of 1844in relation to some capital necessities, had amended the need to obtain a special charter from the Legislative to form a company involving only effortless registration. The structure additionally streamlined under the Joint Stock Company Act of 1856, entailing only seven participants to sign a Memorandum of Association and to include the name or rather abbreviations “Ltd” at the end of the company’s name. However, the final amendment was resolved in 1897, in Salomon v. Saloman & Co., Ltd., the House of Lords, the then Britain’s Supreme Court. According to this statute, a corporation was analyzed as being as a separate legal entity with its partners (Humphreys 130- 140). Limited liability meant that the shareholders were a different from the corporation and were only liable for the capital invested in the corporation. The company could either sue or be sued in its own name unlike before. The company being a limited liability meant that it could even carry out business activities on its own. This necessitated to raising high capital in order to form big companies that the growing economy needed and also to carry out the operations of the company with administrative competence. Some perceived that it was morally wrong to alleviate partners from undertaking the responsibilities linked to a company. This was also incompatible with the moral principal which held that owning a business under your name was an expression of religious calling. It was not in order to have several members have some share in the business each having a designated responsibility then abruptly they were being relieved from their assignments and become limited to the business (Humphreys 160). Even though there was an intense debate on the issue of limited liability of a company, the decision had been arrived at and it was very essential to the new social order. It was very had to accept the reality, considering that they had been used to Capitalism which entailed mixed consequences as opposed to the Ltd Company. Formation of Limited Liability Company was a great challenge to the British Friends as most of them were separated from their businesses that they had ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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