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The New Right - Essay Example

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The New Right Name: Institutions: THE NEW RIGHT The New Right Movement in the United States is referent to the political movement among the country’s conservatives, deeply rooted in the events after the Second World War. From my reading, it is not possible exactly placing its beginning…
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The New Right
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"The New Right"

Download file to see previous pages First coined by the YAF or Young Americans for Freedom in a 1962 article, it became widely used in the late 70s. I was also able to trace it back, in part, to the American “New Deal” opponents Brent Bozell and Clarence Marion, both writers who were pioneers of what later became a Southern strategy. Other major proponents of the movement were Friedrich Havek and Peter Viereck, whom I believe were two of its most eminent intellectual forbearers. The social changes that were blowing through America in the 60s and 70ms were not well received by everyone. Following the Roe vs. Wade ruling that established abortion rights; a fervent movement for the protection of unborn children was established1. I also see the Equal Rights Amendment as the driver of anti-feminism, which took root with some Americans contending that it eroded the traditional unit of the family and its values. From the readings, there was obvious shock among some Americans at what they viewed as sexual permissiveness in magazines and film, whereas the gay and lesbian rights movement was attacked as sinful. With ever-increasing rates of crime and divorce, some Americans increasingly blamed the social maladies on America’s liberal welfare system2. ...
However, by this time, there was not a lot that was new about this economic and political conservatism. In 1964, I already see that Barry Goldwater had made the repudiation of the “New Deal” his presidential campaign driving point, declaring that the government was running a dime store New Deal3. Increased welfare and social spending was to be cut to reduce tax burdens on families and individual Americans, whereas government regulations also needed to be reduced in order to re-establish personal freedoms and economic growth. In my opinion, the idea of a “New Right” took off in the 70s with foreign competition penetrating American markets, which caused people to believe that Goldwater was right. The New Right movement, therefore, was and not surprisingly, strengthened by the financial resources of big American corporations. The Christian Right was another linchpin for the movement, especially with numbers that had swelled since the 50s in the evangelical denominations. In fact, between 1963 and 1978, the number of born-again Americans had risen from 24% to 40%4. They had numerous faces, although I think the most important were fundamentalists like Jerry Falwell and the Pentecostalism leader Pat Robertson. I find it remarkable that, in spite of their deep theological divisions, all leaders in evangelical America agreed that there was moral decay in the country. The main points they rallied against were homosexuality and its effect on the family, the “abandonment” by the woman of her family role, liberal media, and its effect on the youth, and courts for “banning” religion public schools. In fact, even Catholic Americans agreed with their sentiments, claiming that the Democratic Party had been spending time chasing gays, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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