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The Fight for Womens Rights, Laws, Social movements and Policies - Essay Example

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This essay discusses that women were centrally featured in the Anishinabe creation legends. In the Anishinabe legends, the woman came to the earth through a hole in the sky; she came to care for the earth. It was the woman, referred to as Nakomis, who instructed the original man…
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The Fight for Womens Rights, Laws, Social movements and Policies
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"The Fight for Womens Rights, Laws, Social movements and Policies"

Download file to see previous pages This research paper examines that organizations that are fighting for the rights of the Anishinabe people have a long way to go to ensure equalities. For instance, the mining of taconite in Minnesota has affected the Anishinabe people, other natives, and non-natives in the region. Forests have been deforested for the creation of mining pits. One in ten newborns contains mercury in their systems, and this leads to lung cancer. The organizations in Minnesota have been passing laws that have downplayed environmental protections. The North American Indigenous people have suffered for long periods due to oppression by the white people who came from Europe. They invited laws and policies that oppressed the indigenous people who were the rightful owners of the land. Immediately after the French and English landed, they noted how the indigenous people lived and how the male population treated the women with respect and honor. They introduced laws that had negative impacts on women and children and took the land of the aboriginal people. Many groups have come up to fight for the rights of the aboriginals and ensure that they get the chance to enjoy their rights fully. It is a shame how the United States and the Canadian governments have not provided laws to ensure that the aboriginals have obtained full equality. We should take the model of the Anishinabe people who treated everyone equal including the women who were respected. By doing so, we will change the perception of everyone and treat each other equal. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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