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Consistent social movements in the nineteenth century in the United States of America completely transformed the characteristics of the state activities. Some of the common social movements at that time included: Dress reforms, abolitionism, and temperance, women’s suffrage,…
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Slavery and movents to end it
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Slavery and Movements to End It Consistent social movements in the nineteenth centuryin the United States of America completely transformed the characteristics of the state activities. Some of the common social movements at that time included: Dress reforms, abolitionism, and temperance, women’s suffrage, advancement in labor conditions, spiritualism, cooperative communities as well as prison and educational reforms. All these movements aimed at ending slavery in the country. These movements also attracted debate among authors and lectures such as Frederick Douglass, Pessen, and Henry David. However, the most flourishing anti-slavery movement at that time was the abolitionism movement. The main objective of abolitionism was to radically emancipate all slaves in the country and to end segregation and discrimination that was rampant in the American society at the time (Filler 1833). The radical nature of abolitionism distinguished the movement from other movements of its historical period. Abolitionism movement was also fueled by religious dedication in the second great awakening. The movement’s popularity therefore attracted contradictory and similar opinions from different scholars.
The authors, Douglass, Pessen, and Thoreau held similar opinion on the necessity of radical transformation in ending slavery in the United States of America. In his writing, Frederick Douglass emphasized the need for immediate and radical action to end slavery and racism in the state. He offered an indomitable voice of hope to slavery in his writing. In his lecture, Frederick also talked about the need to embrace anti-slavery politics in the country. In his writings, Pessen talked about the need to fight for equality of the entire American citizenry. He condemned the unjust glorification of man through the use of erroneous information. During the abolitionism movement, Pessen discussed how the enslaved women and black Americans were mistreated by the government and other owners of the means of production (David 177). Henry David Thoreau emphasized the need for civil noncompliance in the fight for the rights of the enslaved minorities and women in the society. He was once imprisoned for breaking the law by declining to remit tax revenues. It is clear that, Douglass, Pessen, and Henry David Thoreau advocated for a radical movement that would eliminate slavery and forge discussions for fairness justice for all citizens of America. These renowned authors were solidly behind the abolitionism movement.
The three held diverse opinions on the manner in which radical movements should be held and managed. In his literature, Frederick Douglas talked about the immediate adoption of fair and appropriate policies and politics that will eliminate racism and slavery. Being born as a slave, Fredrick was among those people who fueled the abolitionism movement. Henry David Thoreau talks about the reasons behind people compliance to the governmental laws. According to him, the tax revenues were used by the government to advance slavery in the country (Speicher 541). To counter the vice, Henry emphasized on the need for civil disobedience to discourage the government from advancing slavery in the country. He declined to pay tax in July 1846. In his writing (Jacksonian America), Pessen talked about the need for an immediate elimination of unfair glorification of man and era by using incorrect statistics. Referring to his analysis, the abolitionist era formed the main cause of inequality on material, power status, influence, and opportunity.
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