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During this period, the political economy of America was aligned with economic interests and nationalized polity emphasizing uneven development between different races,…
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Defending slavery:
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Defending Slavery Slavery is outlined as a pervasive feature of the Southern culture that engulfed America in the 19th century. During this period, the political economy of America was aligned with economic interests and nationalized polity emphasizing uneven development between different races, sections, economic class in America. There was massive oppression of the blacks as they had limited options in their rights. In general, slavery is one of the historical factors that determined the political, economical and social undertakings of the 19th century. This paper will outline reasons for slavery and the chronological events of the United States to 1877.
After the presidential election of 1876, the outcome of slavery largely hanged on disputed returns that the whites got from the Southern states. In this case, the pro slavery morality argument was supported by politicians and the Southern elites who had a clear mindset that slavery was a positive good that could fit in the state of civilization of the 19th century. The two races involving the whites and blacks were distinguished by color and other physical differences as well as intellectual factors. In most occasions, the northern states businessmen relied on the labor of lower class people of the Southern states for the profits of their company. Calhoun and James Henry Hammod, leading politicians in 1800s openly supported slavery by arguing that the existence of the lower class was essential for the upper class to control their lifestyle. Also, the two politicians were vocal supporters of slavery and believed that all social systems must have a class that pursue menial duties to meet the drudgery of life ( ).
However, there were abolition arguments from Northerners who were less impressed by the idea of slavery. Some of the vocal anti-slavery masters were former slaves that included
Fredrick Douglas. He believed that slavery was an immoral institution that limited freedom of speech, liberty of the press and was favorable to the whites only. The critic believed that a master was an individual who claims and exercises the right of property to a fellow man while depriving off his rights and freedom. Also, Thomas Paine was a critic of slavery and believed that those involved in slavery were sacrificing their conscience.
The reconstruction under Andrew Johnson from 1865 to 1867, marked the hope for the blacks since the aftermath of the elections signified a new hope as southern states such as Florida, South Carolina and Louisiana were undergoing a reconstruction era. The nation relied on the new president to uphold the dreams of Lincoln. As it turned out, Johnson had a firm idea of ending slavery in the Southern states and reconstruct policies that could favor every Amerian citizen(Ayers, 339).
In conclusion, the issue of slavery was a defining moment in the history of the Americans. Many people believe that it was a sin since it involved oppression. However, other people viewed it as a good thing that protected the property owners of America. In spite of the barbarous nature of the social and economic institutions in America, southern politicians rebranded the image of slavery to favor impunity. John Clahoun and John Hamond supported a permanent underclass that would work for the upper class in the American society. On the other hand, Douglas and Paine were against the institution that deprived of the rights and freedom of the blacks in the society. Read More
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Defending Slavery: Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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