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Black Americans suffers ater war - Essay Example

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The War resulted in as many as 650000 casualties that included over 260000 Confederates that made more than 20 per cent of the adult male population of the White Americans in the…
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Black Americans suffers ater war
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Extract of sample "Black Americans suffers ater war"

2 November The Sufferings of the Black Americans in the Post-War Era Civil War was adefining moment in the history of America, particularly for the Black Americans. The War resulted in as many as 650000 casualties that included over 260000 Confederates that made more than 20 per cent of the adult male population of the White Americans in the South (“A New Birth”). This paper looks into three of the most important changes that the Black Americans saw immediately after the Civil War was over.
Conditions for Blacks in the American society had dramatically changed for the better immediately after the Civil War. Three prime differences between the pre-war and post-war rights of the Black Americans were that after the war, they were able to cast vote, hold their own offices and also go to schools. In addition to these three differences, societal norms and practices had also altered in favor of the Black Americans. In 1867, one of the most integrated Southern cities, New Orleans distorted the long-prevailed segregation in the street cars, elected 95 black representatives and 32 black senators for the state from 1868 till 1896. Thus, more Black Americans were in politics than ever before. “African Americans so dominated the catering business that they formed the United Public Waiters’ Mutual Beneficial Association” (“After the Civil War”). Moreover, interracial marriages were also legalized.
Nevertheless, life of the Black Americans in the South was yet quite imperfect in spite of all these changes. In the days of Reconstruction, opportunities for the black Americans were limited by the Black Codes according to which, Black Americans that went into professions other than agriculture were supposed to pay taxes. The Black Americans were also not allowed to possess guns or rent the land. Immediately following the Civil War, numerous anti-black agencies had surfaced one of which was the Ku Klux Klan.
Lynching is the term used to refer to the illegal execution of an individual that is accused of a crime by the mob. This was originally used by White Americans to punish the Black slaves. Not just the slaves, even members of the White community that expressed their consent against lynching had had their lives put in risk. Alton Observer’s Editor Elijah Parish Lovejoy was assassinated by the White Americans on 7 November 1837 due to his criticism for lynching and consent for the eradication of slavery (“Lynching”). In the post-war era, lynching was frequently used by the Ku Klux Klan to execute the Black Americans. The period between 1868 and 1871 was when the lynching cultivated in South America. It took its most sinister form after 1880. “Negroes become primary targets of white bigots defending the bankrupt premise of white supremacy in its various guises. Unlawful executions occasionally became mass entertainment "spectacle" events bolstered by a burgeoning consumerism” (“Infamous Lynchings”).
Concluding, three consequences of the Civil War for the Black Americans were the increased representation of the Black Americans in politics, implementation of Black Codes, and increased use of lynching by the White Americans against the Black Americans.
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