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Name Professor Course Date Chapter 13 Introduction Social movements have been there for quite some time now. The world is developing, and some things are changing. The movements seek to address issues that affect individuals and students directly, and indirectly…
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Challenges and Goals of Social Movements
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Download file to see previous pages The movements have faced a number of oppositions especially from hackneyed politicians. Politics happens to get involved in everything that is associated with the majority crowd (Boggs 185). The movements have been known to attract politicians and their evil vices. With the challenges social movements face, the movements still manage to accomplish some of their intended goals. Comparison and Contrast between the study of social movements and the diverse social movements. There are quite a number of social movements, examples are Arab spring movement, black consciousness movement and anti war movement. These are among many social movements that have been held to solve the issue on discrimination. The study of social movements enlightens individuals on the acts by the society that result to social injustices. The study covers many movements, and it is not constrained to one movement. Contrary to the study, the movements seek to solve a particular issue; each movement has its significance restricted to itself as a unique movement. The black conscious movement was out to seek equality for the black American community. The movement was held in a number of states and it attracted many individuals who came up with laws to protect the rights of the black community. Movements can attract violence, and there is a saying that” for a person to achieve peace the person should be ready for war”. ...
The study of social movements’ enlightens people on the various movements people can form to stop inequalities. It is important for people to know when to involve social movements, and when it is unnecessary to involve the movements. The world and cold war’s needed an anti war movement to stop them from ending in disasters. For people to decide when to hold a social movement, they need to know the intensity of a situation before calling on a movement. Some situations can be solved without involving social movements. For instance, students going on strike because their principle has been transferred can be taken care of without a movement. In this case, dialogue should be prioritized over social movement. Students cannot call such a movement students right strike, because clearly their rights have not been compromised. It is necessary to know when social movements can be applied, as some situations only create hostility for no apparent reason. The study shows the need to understand every situation before taking the necessary action. In a state, there will be a number of difficult situations, and it is not advisable le to call on movements with every given difficult situation. This only divides people, because people cannot live their lives holding protests and abandoning their work with the claim of social movements. Ii social movements were to be applied in every difficult situation, development would be an issue. Some of the movements are violent; people vandalize private and government properties. What is the result of property destruction? The result is slow progress on a state. Social movements have been known to be the reason states are enjoying transition. The gender ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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