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Security Plan - Essay Example

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SECURITY PLAN Introduction A security plan is process through which an individual or organization formulates policies that can be used to ensure availability security. Before coming up with a security plan a risk has to be identified, for instance a school can decide to come up with a security plan in order to protect property like computers…
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Security Plan
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Download file to see previous pages This plan was not meant for specifics but rather the whole fraternity (Maiwald & Sieglein, 2002). The plan outlined different elements that were important in ensuring its success and efficiency. Regulations on the usage of the computers were formulated. This plan was also geared towards promoting confidentiality in its operating systems. Different individuals were therefore given different responsibilities that would help in ensuring that security is promoted. Responsibility of users North Carolina agricultural and technical state university decided to share responsibilities of ensuring security. Privacy of one’s information or an organization can easily be intruded through hacking therefore, the technology department appealed to all users of computers to be vigilant and ensure that this vice is not promoted. One of the duties of account holders is to ensure that they maintain privacy by not letting others aware of their account detail. Some people do not think it is very important to keep account information secret; they therefore carelessly display information about their accounts (North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, 2008 ) When accessing account users were advised not to go for those that anyone can access, different methods can be applied to ensure security of one’s account. A password is vital it does not mean having a password guarantees one security. They are those accounts with complicated password that cannot be easily accessed. Try to mix different characters in a password for instance use of letters and numbers. Through this method, it will be hard for anyone with ill motives to access your account. This method cannot only be applied in a school situation but also financial institutions. Institutions can take this method so that cases of fraud can be reduced. Banks for instance, use this method when providing ATM cards to their clients; this promotes security to a client’s bank account. Phone holders use this strategy in protecting their information. When formulating this password, users were advised to use figures they can easily remember even after a long period. Remembering your password is important because, it will reduce issues like blocking of an account. Forgetting ones account can lead to great loses, for instance a student using an account for saving his documents will lose his information because he is not to access his account. In a bank situation, clients who forget their ATM pin numbers are force to apply for other cards. This leads to great delays and additional costs that would otherwise be avoided if the password were mastered. Computer users are to ensure that they do not access accounts that do not belong to them and logging off after every session is important. This will ensure that the next user will not be able to access your information. Working or accessing an account in a public place can sometimes is tricky but users are to be careful about those around them and ensure that they are not intruding their privacy. Some students can decide to access their account while in a public place like the field; they should ensure that, when doing this their privacy is guaranteed. Users were further advised to be vigilant and ensure that actions that lead to insecurity are reported to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Security Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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