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Security Case Study - Research Paper Example

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Security Plan for Walter Widget Manufacturing Plant No: Roll No: Date: University: Security Plan for Walter Widget Manufacturing Plant Introduction In this modern age and times, security of many organizations is a focal point for the top brass…
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Security Case Study
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Download file to see previous pages The business community is now ready to share material information with each other for common objectives that is to eradicate theft, burglary and vandalism. They are aware that leakage of information relating to security plan may cause irreparable damages to the assets of the organization (Allen, 2009). The existing employees and the former employees who have or had an access to the internal policies, procedures and management information system of the organization can easily disclose, manipulate or distort the data / information for the benefits of others (Allen, 2009). Remedial measures are to be considered by Walter Widget while taking into account the potential threats to property damage, thefts and vandalism. Prevention of Plant Burglary However, the ideal way for the employees of Walter Widget to thwart the attempts of thieves is to apply common sense to handle the situation with the assistance of effective alarming system. Some effective tools are mentioned hereunder: a) Digital Video Surveillance System: b) RFID Tags c) Advance Motion and Sound Detector The security system of Walter Widget manufacturing plant should be designed in a way which deter out laws to barge into manufacturing plant with ulterior motives to damage the plant and machinery. The installed security system of Walter Widget manufacturing plant should have detection, monitoring and effective communication gadgets in and around the manufacturing plant to meet the challenges. The mentioned security system, if installed, would be an effective system for the safety and security of the assets (Allen, 2005). Digital Video Surveillance The manufacturing plant of Walter Widget in view the assets installed should have multiple video cameras on the needed locations to keep an eye on the intruders. The installed cameras should monitor the activities of criminals inside and outside the factory premises round the clock. These cameras are to be connected with Close Circuit Television so as to ensure monitoring of activities of employees/non-employees in and around the factory without interruptions. Mentioned system would be fruitful for Walter Widget manufacturing plant to keep their business continue. The installed cameras and other accessories around the manufacturing plant will identify the person or persons, involved in stealing the company’s assets. The security system may have the benefit of clear footage to identify and nab the real culprits (Allen, 2005). RFID Tags RFID tags can be used as part and parcel of security plan devised for Walter Widget manufacturing plant. The mentioned tags are used in tracking the stealers. The cited tags set alarm if someone takes away the assets outside the premises of the factory. This is the best way to minimize/eliminate the chances of theft and damages to property (Allen, 2005). Sound Detectors The system so installed for the Walter Widget manufacturing plant has the capacity to detect unauthorized activities in and around the factory. The detectors are useful instrument to detect burglars who are attempting to steal plant and its associated accessories. The mentioned security system will deter the thieves and burglars and keep them away. The higher management should discuss security plan with the consultants, who will suggest the best security system that suits the requirement of the company’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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