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Proposing a Solution - Assignment Example

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Abstract For many years, Cuba has been blighted by a rather intractable energy crisis that did not only affect the island country’s economy but also brought in excessive drain to its food production and availability. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989 and the US Boycott and Restriction, the country had gone through a major shortfall on its energy supply, which at the time was postulated to be at 70%…
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Proposing a Solution
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Download file to see previous pages But as the need for a more stable energy supply arises, other solutions are expected to be purported. Hence, this paper shall present several proposed solutions to battle against the energy crisis in Cuba. As previously offered, these solutions will be specified as follows: (1) nuclear energy; (2) fossil fuels; (3) facility improvements; (4) renewable energy; and (5) installation of energy efficient bulbs. A Proposed Solution to the Energy Crisis in Cuba Introduction The existing economic, political, and social developments in Cuba signify that energy consumption will considerably increase in the days ahead (Alhajji & Maris, 2003). The country's transition into becoming a market economy would pick up the pace of this tendency. As the country takes in a new route towards becoming globally competitive, this development indicates that there is a dire need to provide a stable and sustainable energy supply, which is crucial for the new batches of investors to progress and proliferate. The closeness of Cuba to the United States and the prospect of substantial natural deposits within the Cuban basins will have a concrete and tangible influence on the political, economic and social milieus, not just in Cuba, but in the entirety of the country. Discovery of marketable oil deposits in various Cuban basins would impact both the economy of Cuba and the energy policy and the energy security of the United States (Alhajji & Maris, 2003). Granting that the connection between Cuba and the United States gets better sooner or later, detection of profitable oil deposits could significantly impact the energy trade models between these nations and could influence the oil commerce between the United States and other nations, particularly those in the Middle-eastern region, in so far as oil production is concerned. Following the downfall of the Soviet Union in 1991, which eventually inspired the US Boycott and Restriction to follow, the Cuban government has appreciated the importance of domestically producing the country's energy supply (Park, 2010). Cuba boarded on many sustainable and non-renewable schemes to produce electricity and implemented several conservation and efficiency actions. The political turmoil that took place in Venezuela, the chief oil energy supplier for Cuba, jeopardizes the movement of low-priced oil to the country. The short term goal is energy independence, which would have an absolute advantage in the manufacturing, transportation, and tourism sectors (Alhajji & Maris, 2003). In due course, Cuba desires to become an oil distributor, which would produce profits to restore Cuba's depreciating infrastructures and to improve its ties with other nations, particularly those in the Caribbean. This paper delivers a short but concise proposed solution to Cuba's energy crisis and sketches out future prospects and challenges. This paper will cover the following sections: (1) program description; (2) objective of the project; (3) expected results; (4) activities that need to be carried out to achieve the desired outcome; (5) budget and resources needed to implement the proposed solution; (6) implementation schedule and project timeline. Program Description Owing to the fact that most of Cuba's energy sources had been afforded from imported oil, the deficiencies impacted almost ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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