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Sweig has written on The New York Times dated October 1, 2010, in which she argued that Cuba is undergoing tremendous changes at present and United States seems to be uninterested in it. She has also argued that the new Cuban leader Raul Castro has changed the slogan…
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Download file to see previous pages In my opinion, Julia’s arguments are partly right and partly wrong. This paper critically analyses the claims of Julia E. Sweig.
Even though United Sates is keen in establishing ties with communist China, the same interest they never shown against Cuba. This is because of the differences in attitudes of leaders in China and Cuba towards America. Moreover, keeping strong relations with China is necessary for America because of strategic reasons. China is rapidly emerging as the global power whereas same thing cannot be said about Cuba. China wants to sell their products in global markets and America is the most important market for them. So they realised that keeping strong relationships with America is necessary for their economic development. On the other hand, Cuba does not possess many products to sell in international market. So America’s negative attitude towards Cuba may not be a worrying factor for them. Moreover, the enmity between Castro and American administration forced Cuba to keep a distance with America. In short, America’s reluctance in establishing strong ties with Cuba can be easily understood.
“China, Venezuela and Russia, along with American friends like Spain, Canada, Brazil and even Israel, are investing in Cuban oil, minerals, tourism, infrastructure, agriculture and biotech” (Sweig). In my opinion, if Israel can invest in Cuba, America can also do the same thing without a second thought. At the same time, is should be noted that Cubans cannot accept American presence in their soil because of the past experiences. In my opinion, America may think about stronger ties with Cuba only after the Castro era. Fidel Castro may not forgive Americans for the past attempts CIA made to kill him. However, it is not wise for Cuba to keep a distance with America because of the past bitter experiences they did suffer from the hands of America.
Globalization and liberalization has opened many opportunities to developing countries and it is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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