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Cuban Missile Crisis - Research Paper Example

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Cuban Missile Crisis The Cuban missile crisis is considered as the most defining event in the history of the Cold War. It has been a major topic for many diplomatic historians. The alliance between Soviet Russia and Cuba generated the greatest challenge for John F…
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Cuban Missile Crisis
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"Cuban Missile Crisis"

Download file to see previous pages This paper focuses on the Cuban missile crisis and the role of Kennedy in managing and promptly resolving the crisis. Cuban missile crisis Soviet Union approach In the early 1960s, the Soviet Union was much less powerful than the United States in the field of strategic nuclear missiles. During that time the United States was trying to cause the downfall of the communist government of Fidel Castro in Cuba. As USA was gaining power by developing strategic nuclear missiles, the Soviet Union felt it imperative to protect Cuba from a future USA attack by building nuclear arsenal in Cuba especially after the failed attempts by the US to conquer Cuba via operations like Bay of Pigs and Operation Mongoose2. Previous warning of Kennedy For some time back Soviet Union has been blatantly sending weaponry to Cuba including surface-to-air anti-aircraft missiles. During that time Kennedy was occupied with his campaigning which was conducted by the Republicans for the congressional elections in November. To stay in the favorable view of the Republicans Kennedy at that time said that he would not interfere with Soviet Union’s alliance with Cuba but he warned that if Soviet Union would start sending offensive weapons to Cuba then the ‘the gravest issues would arise’. ...
Kennedy’s National Security Adviser McGeorge Bundy showed the president some photographs of the missiles which were taken from high altitudes by U-2 planes while flying over Cuba two days back. The CIA had already reviewed the photos and identified the objects as medium range ballistic missiles. The United States at that time held the leading position in the world in the field of nuclear weapons having more than 25,000 nuclear weapons in their arsenal. The Soviet Union had less than half of this figure4. The reason of delay in getting the photographs During the 1962 U.S. mid-term elections there was the fear of grave political and diplomatic consequences of the Soviet Union shooting down U-2 planes with their surface to air missiles. This resulted in the delay of sending U-2 planes over Cuba. This fear was overcome when John McCone who was the Director of Central intelligence persuaded Kennedy to give permission to send U-2 planes over Cuba and this course of action resulted in the discovery of the nuclear arsenal that Soviet Union was building in Cuba. The arsenal had not yet become operational5. Kennedy’s handling of the crisis The Excomm Kennedy decided to consult a wide range of people before implementing any plans. He formed a small group called the Executive Committee of the National Security Council (Excomm) as his consultant. The members of the group included his brother Robert Kennedy who was an attorney general. All the conversations that were held in the meetings of the Excomm were recorded in a tape recorder that Kennedy had installed without the knowledge of the committee members6. Various options In the first day of the meeting all the members suggested bombing Cuba but the difference of opinion was on the scale of the attack. Kennedy and some others ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Cuban Missile Crisis
The Cuban Missile Crisis. Since the beginning, the United States has dealt with many adversities since it’s inception. It started out with the American Revolution in which the United States declared to Britain that it was going to exist as a sovereign nation.
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Bay of pigs invasion intelligence failure compared to the sucess of the cuban missle crisis intelligence
Less than two years later, the US was preparing for an offensive attack against Cuba, but this time round, the intelligence was accurate. The two events can be compared and contrasted due to the major differences in which CIA handled intelligence and planning.
6 Pages(1500 words)Research Paper
The Cuban Missile Crisis
According to one journal article in The American Political Science Review, “For thirteen days of October 1962, there was a higher probability that more human lives would end suddenly than ever before in history” (Allison 689). In February of 1962 the United States had begun a full embargo against Cuba leading to further tensions.
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The Cuban Missile Crisis
Discussions began in December 1959 of the destabilization of Castro's government or of his removal from power (Andrew 1995). Eisenhower in particular was worried about the threat posed by Castro's regime, explaining to British Prime Minister Macmillan in August 1960, "that if Castro survived another year, 'most of the Governments in this Hemisphere … run the risk of being overtaken by revolution…" (Andrew 1995: p.
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Cuban Missile Crisis
The missile station in Cuba got built by the USSR so that Cuba would be able to protect itself from the United States invasion (Cuban missile crisis, 2011). The Soviet Union plus the United States entered into an agreement through back channels of communication to withdraw the missiles.
8 Pages(2000 words)Research Paper
Cuban Missile Crisis
It was during the breakfast on October 16th that President Kennedy acquired information from the Intelligence bureau about Soviet Unions secret missile base in Cuba. Soviet foreign minister Andrei Gromyko met the President Kennedy and he denied any kind of threat caused by the missile base to the U.S.
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The naval blockade established by the US during the Cuban missile crisis was the most effective strategy that forced the Soviet Union to remove the missiles from Cuba
This led to development of political pressure and tension, but all in all the two parties had to re-discuss their treaty on nuclear tests.
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How did bay of pigs lead to cuban missle crisis
Immediately after the Second World War, two countries emerged super powers; the US and USSR (Jones, 2008). US apparently had used atomic bomb in two of the Japanese cities the Hiroshima and Nagasaki and USSR was determined to
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The Cuban Missile Crisis
It was a provocative political movement where US armed forces tried to takeover Cuban command where Soviet leaders in Cuba were prepared to employ nuclear weapons in order to defend the island in case of
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Research Paper Based on the Short Story Snow by Julia Alvarez
The Cuban Missile Crisis was the October 1962 confrontation between America and the Soviet Union following the latter’s deployment of ballistic missiles in Cuba. The event almost escalated the Cold War into a full-scale nuclear war.
5 Pages(1250 words)Research Paper
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