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Reflection paper: Women Destined To Failure Name Instructor Task Date Introduction Women in correctional establishments go through many challenges, which negatively affect their progress in life. These include exposure to illegitimate drugs such as heroin, mistreatment from correctional officers and fellow convicts…
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Female Inmate Population
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Reflection paper: Women Destined To Failure Task Introduction Women in correctional establishments go through many challenges,which negatively affect their progress in life. These include exposure to illegitimate drugs such as heroin, mistreatment from correctional officers and fellow convicts. A prison has the potential to provide counseling and treatment to the affected women inmates, since they habitually have a direct interaction. Recent research done in the female correctional institutions evidence that women are destined to fail if the challenges they face in the institutions are not solved. Without appropriate counteractions to this emerging issue, women advancement in the society will continue to decline in the future since their ability to progress will be pessimistically affected. In this essay, women failure due to drug abuse and mistreatment in the correctional institution is discussed. The rise of women inmates in the correctional institutions is substantially increasing in most countries globally. America was forced to increase the number of correctional institutions to accommodate the rising figures of female criminals. Conversely, in the past, the number of women being arrested for criminal activities was minimal. The correctional institutions for women were remarkably few, and some countries did not have one. Changes in the society have affected the character of women in the societal context, hence forced them to participate in a range of activities. Various countries have faced similar challenges caused by raise of women involved in criminal activities. It is factual that increase of the correctional institution is a crucial ground why women are destined to fail. The design capacity is the maintaining of the number of female inmates who are expected to occupy an institution has been negatively affected, necessitating the government to devise strategies to minimize the increasing populace. The use of drugs among women in the correction system is becoming more intricate. Women inmates are either directly or indirectly involved in the use of drugs. Although some of them do not use drugs, they may participate in selling them inside to fellow inmates (Edwards, 2000). It is true that other women inmates are actively involved in the drug abuse, and most of them are addicts. Drugs negatively affect the progress of women and the continuous use destinies them to fail in the society. They fail in doing their responsibilities, achieving their goals and missions, and competing favorably with men in the society. Drugs that are commonly used by the women inmates are cocaine, and heroin. They access the drugs through the assistance of the some corrupt correctional officers. Every person involved in the transmitting of drugs plays his or her roles perfectly so that the deal remains secret (Edwards, 2000). To reduce the access of harmful drugs to the institution, the authority in charge should punish the correctional officers involved in the saga. The utilization of drugs in the correctional institution is a substantial threat to the success of women in society. Abuse of drugs affects the reasoning capacity of a person; therefore, cannot think wisely and make smart decisions for the betterment of oneself. They cannot compete favorably with men, therefore, limiting their chance to succeed and overcome men in the society. Authority in charge in the correctional institution should seriously take the matter to make the women think positively. In my opinion, drugs pose a significant threat to the success of women in the society, and there is an immense need to initiate remedial measures. In addition, women also face other problems that affect their progress in the social order such as mistreatment from correctional officers, sexual wrongdoings, and risks of HIV/AIDS (Edwards, 2000). These aspects have a depressing effect on their being, hampering their ability to have a pessimistic attitude in their life. I think that the mistreatment aspect occurs when there is a dispute between correctional officials and the convicts. They are brutally beaten by the correctional officers, and most of them are badly hurt by the beatings. Women can also be sexually abused and face the risks of acquiring HIV/AIDS, which is a killer disease that has no remedy. Women are destined to fail if no solutions are postulated for their predicaments, since they will continue to lower their confidence to fight for their civil liberties and improve their living standards in the society. An appropriate method of stopping the maltreatment of women is through ensuring that correctional officers are disciplined if they are guilty of the mistake. The most significant solution to avoid all the negative factors that affect the progress of women in the society is through educating the society about the negative impacts of drug abuse and anti social behaviors in the society. Conclusion Women progress in correctional institutions in the society has faced many challenges such as abuse of drugs, and mistreatment by the officers (Edwards, 2000). The challenges should be solved to see women rise in the society through being empowered. The government and the appropriate authority should take control and edify the women on the ways of improving their lives. Reference Edwards, T. A. (2000). Female Offenders: Special Needs and Southern State Challenges. SLC Special Series Report. Retrieved on October 19, 2011 from: Read More
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Female Inmate Population Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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