Motivation and Control:Thanks for Nothing - Case Study Example

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Job Satisfaction, Compensation and Praise Name University Professor Job Satisfaction, Compensation and Praise Introduction The workplace has evolved into various characteristics that no longer fits well to previous definition as a place where one goes to work with the company resources, fellow employees and the managers…
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Motivation and Control:Thanks for Nothing
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Download file to see previous pages This paper will discuss a few work place dynamics that modern managers adopt in order to stay competitive and productive in the business enterprise. Praising Employees Many companies or their executives have to be realistic in order to provide praise that is well-deserved. Praising employees for doing a good job may be a fairly easy and obvious motivational tool but companies and managers do not do it often because it may not be an honest opinion or appraisal of an employee’s contribution. For example, an employee may have overlooked a fact that he has to be at work early every day in order for him to accomplish his regularly paid task such as cleaning the offices as a janitor. This daily accomplishment may not necessarily deserve praise. However, if the janitor has done more than what was expected of him such as segregating recyclable office wastes into useful items that can be used in the office operations again after his daily or even weekly work, this does not only deserve praise but even equitable bonus or reward. Too much praise or a lavishing one has been suggested to breed narcissism, it becomes meaningless to employees, thus, will not result to positive difference, and for most workers, an honest feedback about their output, consideration of their opinion in order to improve output, and suggestion for improvement may be better option. However, a well-deserved but rare praise is also seen as a good motivator for employees (Robbins and Judge, 2009). Motivating Good Performers There are many proposed ways to motivate employees after observing them perform well. Providing bonuses or additional benefits fit well for short term and long-term schemes of which a clear understanding is provided to all employees that performances exceeding quotas or expectations have corresponding financial or other forms of benefits such as stock options, profit sharing, or flexible benefits packages that may fit the worker’s individual needs (Hackman, 1977). However, truthful and sincere praise as well as corresponding recognition may also prove useful. Performance-based incentives have been seen to boost not only the quality output of employees but inspire them to strive harder. However, the benefits they receive should also be useful for them as individuals. For example, a medical insurance may be preferred by an employee with children instead of a trip to Bali, Indonesia as a form of incentive for good performance. It is then important to get to know the employee to a more personal level in order to identify his needs, his work options that may prove more beneficial to the worker and the company, and other information that could shape a better employer-employee relation. A good performer may also be provided flexible working arrangement when he insinuates that he needs more time with his growing family. A flextime or telecommute option may be offered depending on his choice and work characteristic. This may not be an option to all, but only to a few employees. So, it is important to evaluate the work requirements against the worker’s needs and available options. Employers and managers may also do well to treat their workers as humane as possible. Each employee is also an individual with feelings who respond rationally to positive attitude, show of caring and kindness, and harmonious work environment. Provided with the proper opportunities and resources to fulfill work ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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