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Social Contract Theory by John Locke - Essay Example

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An essay "Social Contract Theory by John Locke" reports that on the basis of the principles of these theories, the Western governments have developed their laws and legal regulations directed on the subjection of the citizens to the legal principles directed the protection of their rights…
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Social Contract Theory by John Locke
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Extract of sample "Social Contract Theory by John Locke"

Download file to see previous pages Consequently, there is an automatic bound between different individuals, who are bound by the social contract principles. In accordance with the principles of the social contract, there are basic duties, which have their roots in the very nature of human beings. The social contract theory is one of the greatest contributions made by John Locke (1690-1986). The American government has taken much from this philosopher’s ideas. The effective power of the governmental authorities contributes much to the development of the society: “So while Locke might admit some governments come about by force or violence, he would be destroying the most central and vital distinction, between legitimate and illegitimate civil government” (Frodeman & Mitcham, 2000). John Locke claims that people are closely related to the criminal justice system because they have their right to represent themselves in the courts. It is relevant to the modern society when citizens violate the laws they are brought to justice by courts. The main principles of the modern criminal justice system are taken from Locke’s principles of social contract theory. From Locke’s perspective, the rights of citizens can be outlined in the following phrase: “We give up our right to ourselves exact retribution for crimes in return for impartial justice backed by overwhelming force. We retain the right to life and liberty and gain the right to just, impartial protection of our property” (cited by Grant, 2000). In such a way, John Locke has concluded that it is natural for people to gain the right to protect their property in return they sacrifice their liberty and the right to just. Nevertheless, John Locke underlines that men have their rights by their nature. Therefore, humane principles of the Bill of Rights and the roots of the American Revolution can be found in the ideas of Locke. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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