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Under this government, certain rights had to be surrendered, and the government had absolute authority. In return, the government’s job was to protect the people. From the parameter of John Locke, the social contact theory was formulated in a distinct form. He was the one who believed a baby at birth was similar to a blank slate. Giving the baby a variety of experiences was like writing on and filling the slate. These experiences shape the individual and their personality, as they are not born with one. Locke shared the same ideas with other contemporaries like Hobbes, believing that humans give up certain freedoms to have protection through their government.
However, he also believed that human beings good-natured but are corrupted by money, property, and other wealth. Governments were created to correct these inequalities. Overall, this principal in the Enlightenment period had a profound impact on the future, as they brought about new ideas and change. Much of the constitution of the United States is based on the ideas regarding society and government produced by these philosophers. In addition, their effect on criminology was important, as up to this point, mysterious, evil spirits had explained crime. Now, crime was considered an activity engaged in by a human who chose on his or her own free-will to partake in a deviant course of action. This is the fundamental belief of the social contract theory by Locke.
His point in this statement is that everyone must take its steps one

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The main points of the theory are correlated with the modern criminal justice system and private security issues. The basic principles of John Locke, such as the natural existence of rights among humans, their rights to freedom, liberty, and ethical obligations are discussed further on in detail.
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John Locke
From his early childhood, Locke was inspired by the ideals of his Puritanical father. Locke was a keen observer and a fast learner and had a deep interest in exploring philosophical and Biblical questions. From 1646 to 1652, Locke studied at the Westminster School in London.
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Social Contract Theories of Thomas Hobbes and John Locke
Men possessed natural rights derived from natural law which was perceived only by the few who exercised their human reason. John Locke believed that men were rational beings and could make use of natural law for their own good. But they needed the state to maintain peace and order, provide them with essential services, and settle their quarrels and conflicts.
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America at Mid Century (US History)
He faced the rudiments of war in many countries for several years. (Almanac, p. 554) I believe he is a man of courage and of discipline; a leader, and a man of strength. As a commander and chief of staff of a very large
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Social Contract Theory of John Locke
By means of an express or tacit agreement, the society agrees to function together for its mutual benefit and assigns roles and responsibilities to those in power (the
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The Social Contract Theory of John Locke
Socrates uses something very like a social contract contention to disclose to Crito why he must stay in jail and acknowledge capital punishment.
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at a time. Everything should be done carefully with the right time and the right places so that it will be meaningful and productive. He writings made a divergence in different parts of the world.


During the Enlightenment, several pre-Classical thinkers wrote articles and books that provided society with a new way of viewing criminal activity and laws. Their ideas had a profound effect not only during the enlightenment but on criminology and criminal justice system today…
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