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: Anthony Hanemaayer - Case Study Example

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Case Study: Anthony Hanemaayer Introduction This particular case refers to a person wrongly indicted for attempted rape, and the sequential events leading to great uproar in law circles worldwide, and particularly in Canada. The person affected and allegedly accused for attempted rape was a 19 years old construction worker, Anthony Hanemaayer, who was arrested solely due to the reason that he fulfilled the attacker’s description as provided by the victim’s mother, and happened to be employed at a construction site located adjacent to the victim’s place of residence…
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Case Study: Anthony Hanemaayer
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Download file to see previous pages Her immediate response was to yell at the attacker, which scared him and led to his prompt fleeing from the site of the crime. Barbara was just able to have a cursory glimpse of the attacker after which her immediate action was to call the police. The incident took place in the Scarborough Township of the Ontario province in Canada. Case Details The Court File number CV-10-14950, of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice provides meticulous details of the original incident and the events and manner in which legal and other issues were handled subsequently1. According to it, Heather was 15 years old at the time of the incident and a high school student in Grade 9, residing at the McGowan Scarborough Residence with her mother, Barbara. One September 29, 1987, at about 5 A.M. in the morning, a man broke into the residence and crept into Heather’s bedroom. He jumped onto the girl’s back, gagged her mouth with his hand and threatened her that he had a knife. Although she could not see the knife itself, she felt something hard held against her neck while the man bit her on the ear, which started bleeding. Her face was bruised in the struggle which resulted in some noise. As a result Barbara was awakened and she presumed that her daughter had fallen out of her bed. However, when she was in the process of going to Heather’s bedroom, from the light in the hallway she could see a man sitting on top of her daughter. She yelled at the man and turned around which prompted the man to jump off from the girl and confront the mother. He roared at her with his face inches away from hers during which she had a brief glimpse of his features. The man subsequently fled from the house towards the Sylvan Avenue of the locality1. Barbara’s immediate reaction was to call the police, who arrived promptly, witnessing a white car driving away from the locality during the process of their arrival. Barbara’s description of the intruder to the police as noted down by the police read “6’0”, 170 lbs., slim build, 19 years of age with sandy brown, wavy hair, wearing a black leather jacket and blue jeans” 1 Presuming that the attacker could be a construction worker from nearby sites, Barbara visited several construction sites and consulted the personnel departments for the likelihood of finding a man fulfilling her description criteria. A woman working in the personnel department of one of the construction sites suggested Hanemaayer’s name to Barbara, as he met the description criteria, which she passed on to the police. Concurrently she was assisted by the police in preparing a sketch of the intruder, and was also shown about a 100 photographs of likely suspects. On November, 20, 1987, Randy Wilson, a police officer accompanied by another, showed Barbara a set of pictures which included Hanemaayer’s photograph. She identified Hanemaayar as the intruder which led to his subsequent arrest on December 18, 1987 from his residence in Newmarket, Ontario, where he lived with his wife. Hanemaayer was 19 years old at the time of his arrest and he vehemently denied the charge. An interesting ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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