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Criminological Theory - The Virginia Tech Massacre - Essay Example

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Class name Date assignment is due Title Event The Virginia Tech massacre Theories selected Social learning theory Behavior modification theory Causes of events like school shootings Crimes like school shooting happen because of several reasons…
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Criminological Theory - The Virginia Tech Massacre
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Download file to see previous pages Popular Medias like television, film, video games and comic books have played a great role in increasing the violence among the young generation. Modern films are filled with scenes of violence; murders, rapes etc. Video games and other entertainment software include various aspects that encourage children and minors to engage in various types of violence. When children see their comic hero killing several people, they feel murder as a simple activity and dare to carry it out in schools and families. They resort to various forms of violence. Youngsters simply shot down their school and college mates for no reason. Violence is a hobby of the modern world. Pressure and stress can take adolescents to violence as they are not mentally strong to deal with the struggles in life. Public schooling is notorious for the pressure it puts on students. Students are forced to wear the ‘right’ clothes, do the ‘particular’ assignment, and are pressured to be interested in various things which they are not naturally interested in. Individualism is ignored in this type of environment. Children are pressured to conform to certain rigid standards and rule. This rigidity is strong enough to disturb the psychological stability of children. They are increasingly affected by stress and anxiety that are caused by the pressures and work loads in their schools. This increased stress and anxiety creates undesirable behavior in children that lead to incidents like school shooting. Adolescents are highly vulnerable to anxiety and depression. In today's high-pressure corporate world, anxiety is a common feeling. People naturally become anxious. The emotional price of staying on top is always very high. Anxiety is unavoidable in such circumstances. As the person reaches the highest level of anxiety, a failure or an unexpected event can make him easily depressed. Anxiety disturbs the normal thoughts of an individual. The present world is the world of competitions. Education and career filed have become highly competitive. ‘Survival of the fittest’ is the theme of the modern academic field. Even little kids are out to achieve something in life. This generation is characterized by its excessive, exaggerated and disproportionate anxiety. A silly disappointment would finally push children into violence, depression, suicide and various other actions. Pressure and stress play a major role in incidents like school shooting. Adolescents are involved in majority of the school violence cases. Problems faced by the adolescents makes them resort of violence. They drink most, smoke most and have sex at very early age. They hate schools, neglect their health, and are least satisfied in their life. They don’t have any fellowship with their parents and hate their classmates. They lack good company and guidance. Adolescents are highly vulnerable to drug abuse and various other problems. Almost one third of the juveniles aged 12-to 20 use alcohol in US. According to the estimates nearly 11 million children or juveniles are alcohol consumers. According to the study conducted by the federal Substances Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, nearly children and juveniles consume 20% of the alcoholic drinks in United States. More than 7000 children in United States start drinking alcohol everyday. All these culminate in events ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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