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UK Government Policy Relating to the Human Right - Essay Example

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The objective of this report is to find out whether UK governmental policy towards disability is appropriate for eliminating the effect of globalization on the people with physical or mental impairments or disability. The report has presented a critical discussion of the disability policy of UK…
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UK Government Policy Relating to the Human Right
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Download file to see previous pages The study has found that the UK government has been able to evolve its disability policy in order to meet the changing need of the time in the light of globalization. The theoretical analysis of the impact of globalization on dibbled people has found that globalization has various negative effects on disables people in terms of employment status, income, education, etc. At the time of evaluating the practical issues relating to the effectiveness of the chosen policy in redressing the problem of disabled people, it has been found that despite making improvements in overall status of disabled people of the country, the disabled people is still lagging behind others. The concept of equal rights has not materialized in practice.
As the report declares disability has been brought to focus in the global agenda currently which is a socio-cultural issue that remained in the side line always. It is often mistaken with other two terms – handicap and impairment. These terms were used to have a perception from the diagnostic angle. These terms often misguided the policy makers to take any required political action or for any other practical use. The strengthening of the rights of disability in Great Britain by the Disability Rights Commission has been better professed as a changeover towards achievement of social, cultural and economic rights and so as an act of affirming the incapability of dissolving the human rights. As such, that procedure of growth represented a tangible work out in the accomplishment of communal rights by a constitutional equality body and a momentous step towards the outset of disability rights as worldwide contribution, not just personage but marginal group privilege. This paper considered the distinguishing features of that demanding activity. From the exacting knowledge of DRC, the paper looked onward to considerations of broad significance to extra such bodies, together with the new Equality and Human privileges Commission. (Office of Disability Issues, 2010; Yeates, 2008) In April 2000, DRC was established which manifest the foremost institutional disclosure of equality in Great Britain. The CRE and EOC were there since the middle of 1970s. Lots of changes happened in the intermediate period and there was an air of change in the three social, political and legislative policies: The Race relation Act of 2001 introduced a new optimistic race obligation for the public sector in order to give consequence to the proposal of Stephen Lawrence inquiry. (De Haan, 2007; Yeates & Holden, 2009; Lavalette and Pratt, 2005) The Human Rights Act of 1998 was owing then to come into force on October 2000. A lot of the key necessities of the Disability Discrimination Act of 1995 were still to be phased incrementally as well ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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