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This essay is going to analyze two cases which involve several scenarios in the realm of aviation law. The United Kingdom is a region that is governed by several laws including the Air Navigation Order (ANO) or Rules of the Air (RotA) laws. …
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Aviation Law
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Download file to see previous pages Although, Carl was a registered pilot his flight rating were not satisfactory since he had no flown for 10 months (Henrietta, 2006). During his flight, Carl experienced problems just as he was about to land in his destination. Section 107 of the ANO specifies that an operator or pilot of an aircraft must specify the minimum requirements to be used in landing an aircraft. Carl was well aware through his flight plan that the aircraft was going to fly over a class D airspace and therefore he should have made Cumbernauld airport’s Air Traffic Controllers aware of his departure intentions (CAA, 2009). Moreover, section 107 of the ANO an aircraft should not descend from a height above 1000 meters to the relevant airport without clear vision of that airport. One of the important information that was ignored was the flying requirement for the plane used by Carl. Carl flew a plane that was fuel starved for its intended journey which was in contravention of the section 107 which requires minimum requirements to be followed. Betty, a part owner of the plane company in which Carl later flew contravened the ANO’s section 138, which states that a person must not recklessly or negligently an aircraft to endanger any property or person. Betty did not take any steps in ensuring that Carl was qualified to fly an airplane since she only relied on his word. As the operator of the company that owned the airplane she had the obligation of ensuring that air safety is maintained for her employees and clients. Moreover, Betty did not bother to check if Carl personal log book had good instrument rating since the law prohibits pilots from flying with poor...
The paper tells that many commercial activities are controlled and monitored by the laws for the benefit or protection of different stakeholders. Moreover, several laws have been enacted to cater for special interests such as human rights, consumer protection and many other special interests. Air travel is nowadays a common form of transport in the world and this type of travel is suited for passengers travelling long distances or those in a hurry. The researchers have seen the case of Carl who was in a hurry and thus risked his life in an aircraft. Moreover, we looked at Dan who endangered his life and caused injuries to one of his passengers through his actions. The Air Navigation Order (ANO) or Rules of the Air (RotA) laws were enacted to protect air operators, travellers and employees who work in the airline industry. However, these laws are used only in the UK and thus in some situations it necessary to make use of laws and previous cases in handling out judgements. In the first case, we take a look at the case of Carl who ignored the rules and provisions of the ANO. While on the other hand the second case we take a look at a rookie helicopter pilot who blatantly ignores aviation laws. These two cases are different and explore how provisions of the ANO and RotA can be used in deciding and resolving aviation scenarios. For instance, in the first case Carl and Betty should be held liable for breaching the ANO laws while on the second case Dan is the culprit through negligence. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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