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Greenhouse Effect and Environmental Law - Coursework Example

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Research is carried out by starting with the 'Environmental effects' so that the reader might be able to grasp the core concepts, which provides a broad background picture of the scientific, political and economic issues relating to the enhanced Greenhouse Effect…
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Greenhouse Effect and Environmental Law
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Download file to see previous pages By studying a range of subjects regarding the emission and its factors of Greenhouse which are relevant to all environmental policy issues: like the objectivity of scientific information, asymmetry of costs and benefits over space (regional impacts) and time; risk, uncertainty and ignorance; institutional power over information and policy I found myself deeply indulge in research and posing serious challenges to the current conceptualisation of pollution as a technical problem which requires an engineered solution.
When I collected various data regarding the destruction caused by the Greenhouse Effect, I was not aware of the Kyoto Protocol current conditions, particularly the way it is implemented on the Framework Convention on Climate Change. The Kyoto Protocol on Climate Change reflects its drafters' understanding that changes in the global economy, globalization of markets, emerging global governance in the areas of trade and services, privatization and internationalization of the energy sector, and the ascending role of the private sector are changing the context rapidly in which environmental problems must be addressed. As a result, the formation of Kyoto Protocol took place. The main purpose of the Kyoto Protocol is to provide a shield against the environmental hazards and catastrophes to the new generation of environmental treaties; those treaties which are negotiated in an age of globalization and are aimed at influencing important economic activities such as energy production and foreign investment in order to minimize their impacts on the environment. The potential economic effects of the Protocol are so far-reaching that it is sometimes referred to as an economic instrument disguised as an environmental agreement.
The Kyoto Protocol contains three mechanisms allowing for international implementation, which are aimed at achieving the environmental goals of the treaty by affecting market-based activities. These mechanisms are related to (1) greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions trading, (2) joint implementation (JI), and (3) the clean development mechanism (CDM). Each of these mechanisms specifically includes provisions relating to the participation of non-state actors in its implementation. (Chambers, 2001)
The first part of the report lays the foundation for tackling various factors that lead to Environmental change like pollution, burning of fossil fuels etc. After analyzation it is evident that the Kyoto Protocol is still in an unfinished state and the actual details will not be known until analyzing the final outcome of the lawful negotiations of the Protocol, I feel it is important to establish certain criteria for the substantive discussion contained in later parts of the report. In the beginning, Wilkinson has set out the unresolved issues from Protocol and what can be expected in future negotiations. Later the report has gone into greater detail on the outstanding issues of various changes and changes in variations by describing the potential role of non-state actors or, as the Protocol describes, legal entities. It is thought that any future Protocol negotiation anticipates a greater role for these actors.
Selma Stern has also focused on different problems that contribute ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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