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Aeronautical Science: Parts Manufacturer Approval - Research Paper Example

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This study “Aeronautical Science: Parts Manufacturer Approval” seeks to suggest a research to be conducted on the process of Parts Manufacturer Approval written in short as (PMA). The study to be conducted would utilize both primary and secondary sources…
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Aeronautical Science: Parts Manufacturer Approval
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Extract of sample "Aeronautical Science: Parts Manufacturer Approval"

Download file to see previous pages Parts manufacture approval (PMA) is often granted within the United States of America by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) through providing a permit to manufacturers of parts to that need to be installed on aircraft. The process of approval for parts involves the approval of the design, as well as the production of parts, used for replacement and remodeling aircrafts Parts manufacturing approval is an essential practice as it ensures that there is safety in the aviation industry (Hempe, 2008).  It is worth noting that these parts are always substituted for the original manufacturer parts of an aircraft, and therefore if unqualified people are allowed to manufacture and /or replace the original parts, the safety of the aircraft and the passengers will be at stake. This paper proposes a research to investigate the process of Parts manufacturing approval. The proposed research would cut across the process of PMA, the legal requirements, the exemptions to the general rule that governs the PMA among other issues relevant to the PMA. This research would help provide a clear understanding of the process of PMA, the legal the exemptions to the general rule that govern the PMA and other issues that deem relevant to the PMA. This study, as well intents at demonstrating the aspects of (a) critical thinking; (b) quantitative reasoning; (c) information literacy; (d) communication; (e) scientific and cultural literacy; (f) students understanding about the aviation legislation and law; (g) aviation safety and aviation management and operations. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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