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Brand Impact and Popular Culture - Essay Example

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Brand Impact and Popular Culture Name: Institution: Introduction Advertisement is a form of brand awareness campaign that marketers employ to boost sales. Advertisements boost the brand visibility thereby making the product more conspicuous among the target market segment…
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Brand Impact and Popular Culture
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Download file to see previous pages In doing so, the marketers select a prominent celebrity with a wider following (Bagozzi, 1975). This way the business benefits from his or her popularity possibly fusing the celebrity’s admiration for the product or the service. In the modern society, celebrities determine culture thereby setting trends. Following this understanding, businesses use the celebrities’ popularity to revamp the sale of their products as the discussion below reveals. Samsung is arguably the leading manufacturer of home appliances among other telecommunication equipment. The company enjoys autonomy in a number of international markets and competes successfully with other leading western brands such as Blackberry in the manufacture of mobile phones among other hand held devices and many other companies across the continents that manufacture such products as televisions, home entertainment systems, fridges among many other technological appliances. The company takes pride in an effective marketing strategy that has resulted in its substantial hold on the market (Powell, 1990). The South Korean company is currently among the fastest growing technology influences and manufacturers in the world. The company attributes most of its success to effective marketing strategies beginning with a conclusive market research to determine the needs of their customers. They therefore tailor make their products in accordance with the dictates of the market segment. Additionally, the company has one of the biggest advertisement budgets, second only to Coca Cola, which is the leading global advertiser. Through extensive advertisement, the company increases its brand awareness and visibility thereby promoting the unique specific features of the product more likely to increase the sales of their products. Among the commonly preferred advertisement methods that the company employs is celebrity endorsements. Lately the company sought the endorsement of the top Chelsea football club players. Chelsea is among the top four clubs in the United Kingdom enjoying a global fan base of more than five hundred million. The choice to sponsor the club is therefore strategic in the company that seeks the approval of the Western market. By sponsoring such a team, the company earns this besides the local market in South Korea and significant part of the global market. The company understands the club’s fan base. By supporting the club, the company possibly restricts its customer target to the fan base of the club. However, the company determines that there is none of its competitors supporting any football team in the world especially the leading teams in Europe enjoying a global fan base. This possibly earns the company the admiration of all football lovers, which is more than two billion people globally. Advertisement just as explained earlier is a means of improving the brand visibility, thereby increasing the market awareness (Hochschild, 1983). Football is the most watched sport in the world. By supporting such a famous team Samsung earns free global market access when the players adorn the football regalia branded with the Samsung logos. Chelsea fans globally further put on similar clothing during the football matches thereby increasing the global visibility of the brand. The choice to support Chelsea has therefore succeeded in creating the global awareness of the products manufactured by Samsung. Additionally, the sponsorship earns the company absolute privilege to use the club’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Brand Impact and Popular Culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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