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Environmental Law - Essay Example

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Environmental Law Question 1: a. Contributions of the International Court of Justice to International Environmental Law Previously, when compared to other international legal issues, the work of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) was not as prominent.1 Even so, the ECJ did make important contributions toward the development of environmental protection law at the international level during the 1990s…
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Environmental Law
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Download file to see previous pages In particular Judge Weeramantry discussed environmental issues relative to the threat and use of nuclear weapons. Judge Weeramentry specifically noted that the use of nuclear weapons “endangers the human environment in a manner which threatens the entirety of life on the planet”.3 Judge Weeramentry went on to state that although there was no binding international law relative to the use and threat of nuclear weapons, based on its destructive nature and the threat to human life, health and the environment in general, there was sufficient basis in international laws particularly humanitarian laws to outlaw the use and the threat of the use of nuclear weapons.4 The main contributions of the ICJ in terms of international environmental law is divided into the Corfu Channel case and the Nuclear Tests case and the Barcelona Traction case. These cases essentially establish the international law with respect to transborder environmental damages and the introduction of the doctrine of erga omnes. In this regard, the ICJ held in the Barcelona Traction case: An essential distinction should be drawn between the obligation of a state towards the international community ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Environmental Law

...of energy or substances, which is responsible to create an injury to health of human beings , hazards to ecological systems and living resources , harm to amenity , structure or interference with the lawful uses of the atmosphere2. Pollution is related with harms to health of humans, plants, property, habitats, animals and ecological structure. Pollution is not limited to the effect of chemical materials either on the environment or on human beings3. If chemical energy or substances are released into environment unauthorisedly, it would be tantamount to pollution under the environmental law. Thus, pollution can happen in the following ways. If a person or a legal person (company)...
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Environmental Law

...? Number] Takings- Environmental Law The Federal Endangered Species Act ESA of 1973 was regulated to ensure that species and animals would be protected by the inauguration of their conservation programs. The objective was basically to protect those species and animals that are left very few in the world. Due to the change in the overall ecosystem, species of animals and plants from the world are finishing. This remains a big concern for the environmentalists therefore the commencement of this act was vital and eminent. There are further sub clauses of the law that exemplifies the whole paradigm of protecting and preserving species (Lazarus 32). The term ‘takings’ has significant role in the environmental law as the term elucidates... and...
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Environmental Law

...? Environmental Law Table of Contents E.I du Pont v. Train 3 2. Offshore Outfalls for Treated Municipal Wastewater Discharges, Florida 4 3. Biological Integrity of the Nation's Waters 5 4. Environmental Human Health Risk Assessment 6 5. NRDAR 7 6. Corrosion Proof Fittings v EPA 8 References 10 1. E.I du Pont v. Train The NPDES stands for the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System, which is a system that enforces requirements for those who pollute the American waters to get permits for chemical discharges that they emit. This is a mechanism for the control of the chemical discharges under the supervision of the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA, emanating...
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Environmental Law

...? Environmental Law Answer The Dominant Social Paradigm also known as DSP characteristicallyincludes the political antagonists to environmental change and innovative technologists, inclines to be made up of three fundamental beliefs in respect to managing the complex subscribers to global preservation. These are that the planet will be spared by the technology and all of the detrimental things can be settled with extended interest of industrial progress, any dissatisfaction or disinterest with societal issues will be settled by the economic prosperity and growth and that the political agents in office have been elected for the gain of the people as well as their countries and therefore...
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Environmental Law

...Environmental Law "European water is still polluted after twenty years of EC legislation." Assess effectiveness of EC law on water quality and pollution Abstract: Concerning the marine environment, in recent years, several projects and political actions at national and international level have been advanced in order to reduce the effects of water pollution. Preserving and improving the marine environment requires the achievement of a good ecological status of waters, without which the aquatic ecosystem and the human activities of marine coastal zones could be strongly at risk. This is the proposal of EU Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC)1 which represents a major advance in European policy... , bathing...
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Environmental Law

...Running Head: ENVIRONMENTAL LAW Environmental Law [The [The of the Environmental Law Introduction A good way to describe climate change would be a cancer that is spreading through the world affecting everything in its path. Who is to cause for such a harmful thing to all living organisms on earth? People are, and because of our fossil fuel based economies the situation gets worse every day. It is very important for law makers from countries all around the globe to participate in plans to correct the climate patterns. This problem only gets more confusing and the debates more heated than the sun because every nation state...
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Environmental Law

...UK Legislation on Quality Drinking Water Introduction Environmental law and policy has been one of the public concerns in the United Kingdom (Rydin, 1993). Along with this is the demand for water, encompassed within environmental law and policy. With the current population growth, the improved standards of living and the water-utilizing industries being extended, demand for water certainly continues to increase (Kiss and Shelton, 1993). The quality of water is said to be partly a function of utilizations, where the degree of purity is classified according to the needs, one of which is for drinking (Kiss and Shelton, 1993). But what really has the government done in order to protect the quality and safety of drinking water... Water. Retrieved...
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Environmental Law

...Environmental Law Environmental Law Congress creates administrative agencies and then delegates to them the power to implement laws. Administrative agencies can only function within their scope of enabling legislation. Congress has delegated authority to the agencies to make rules governing the behavior of business and labor deemed to be in concurrence with the interest, necessity and convenience of the public (Kubasek & Silverman, 2000). Authorities such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) play a crucial part in creating and implementing environmental policies. Functions of administrative agencies include...
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