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Technology has expanded (and arguably transformed) the scope of advertising and the spaces of consumption practices. Using examples, evaluate this observation in terms of Mobile technology (e.g. SmartPhones and Tablets) and 'Apps' - Essay Example

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This therefore implies that advertisement is the process of making known the existence of a particular product. However, commerce and journalism defines…
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Technology has expanded (and arguably transformed) the scope of advertising and the spaces of consumption practices. Using examples, evaluate this observation in terms of Mobile technology (e.g. SmartPhones and Tablets) and Apps
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Extract of sample "Technology has expanded (and arguably transformed) the scope of advertising and the spaces of consumption practices. Using examples, evaluate this observation in terms of Mobile technology (e.g. SmartPhones and Tablets) and 'Apps'"

Download file to see previous pages Advertisement is therefore a type of mass communication just as journalism (Tabbush, 2011).
Advertisements are the main sources of revenue for the conventional or old media outlets. Old media refers to the basic media of mass communication which include television, radio, newspapers, and magazines. In radio and television, the cost of an advert is determined by the time the advert takes to run on air, the time of the day in which the advert is played, and more importantly, the coverage of the media. An international media outlet such as the BBC and the CNN charge higher especially for their prime time than local media, which would more often run adverts on local products. For newspapers and magazines, the price of the advert is determined by the paper space occupied by the advert. Full-page adverts are more expensive than mere columns of texts and graphics. Furthermore, newspapers charge on the importance of the page on which the advert is placed. The first pages are more costly than the inner hidden pages that not every reader would pay much attention to (Bogomolova, 2011).
Advertisements improve brand visibility thereby possibly improving sales of the product or dispensation of a service. Companies invest extensively in advertisements of their products and services. This is because advertisements form the basis of competition for companies operating in the manufacture or sales of similar products or provision of similar services. Before settling for the use of a particular media to run adverts, companies consider a number of factors which include costs and the effectiveness of advertising through the media. Not all companies would find essence in advertising in international media such as the BBC; smaller companies that produce and sell products in smaller geographical locations prefer the use of local media since they reach their target market unlike the CNN and the BBC. The region and scope of operation forms ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Technology Has Expanded (and Arguably Transformed) the Scope of Essay)
Technology Has Expanded (and Arguably Transformed) the Scope of Essay.
“Technology Has Expanded (and Arguably Transformed) the Scope of Essay”.
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