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The reasons behind the proliferation of electronic over print newspapers - Essay Example

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The purpose of the paper “The reasons behind the proliferation of electronic over print newspapers” is to examine the newspaper and television industries that have been trying to cope up with the technological changes. The electronic newspaper has gained more prominence in the recent years…
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The reasons behind the proliferation of electronic over print newspapers
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Extract of sample "The reasons behind the proliferation of electronic over print newspapers"

Download file to see previous pages The preference of the e- newspaper over the printed ones has been due to its environmental benefits. That is, the electronic newspaper "has enhanced the environmental stewardship for sustainable growth" (Cherian and Farouk 194). The electronic newspaper has enabled zero use of the paper thus a reduction in the number of trees cut down. As a result, the electronic newspaper has made it easy for the reduction of the amount of atmospheric carbon (IV) oxide through the promotion of the development of carbon sink. Its environmental benefit has made it gain more prominence in the wake of environmental sustainability. However, traditional printed products have also been involved in environmentally friendly practices like the reusing and recycling of the papers even though the practices are not a hundred percent eco- friendly. The electronic newspaper has, therefore, proven to be more proactive in conserving the environment as opposed to a print newspaper that is reactive. In addition, it prevents the chances of littering the environment using the read printed papers. For instance, the electronic newspaper prevents the paving of the subways and streets with discarded newspapers. It, therefore, offers a spirit of environmental protection and sustainability, which are critical issues for development goals. The preference of the electronic newspaper over the print version is due to its convenience. That is, the natural factor like the wind and rainfall affect the readability of the print newspaper and can also be prevented. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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