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Computer Mediated Communication at a Weight Management Website - Essay Example

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The writer of this essay thinks that it is possible to make emotional relationships at online forums as his personal experience at SparkPeople attests to, but the viability and gravity of such relationships largely depend on the attitude that people hold towards a specific medium…
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Computer Mediated Communication at a Weight Management Website
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Download file to see previous pages The thing is that most of the communication I had with people at this online forum was internet-mediated. Thereby though I shared many aspects of the weight problems people talked about on this website, being marred by the same health issues myself, initially I found it difficult to make a viable sense of the messages they posted because of an utter lack of the nonverbal cues related to the information they posted. However, within a few days I was immensely motivated to contrive strong interpersonal bonds with many individuals at this website, and innately and many times subconsciously started developing strategies for overcoming the glaring lack of nonverbal cues associated with the messages posted by them. This process involved sensing the emotional content in the register used by them, perceiving the sense of urgency and concern inherent in the messages by analyzing the vocabulary resorted to by many people, making an emotive sense of the non verbal symbols placed by people in their messages, noticing the frequency with which the messages were posted by specific members. Soon I found myself forming emotional relationships with some individuals in this online forum, with whom I shared similar health issues and general approach towards health and dieting. Though my initial interactions with people at this website were task-oriented, it was not long that I started to contrive emotional bonds with many individuals who engaged in internet-mediated communication at this website. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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