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This paper shows one business plan. Dental Ease will be a website designed especially to cater customers that are in need for dental treatments. Dental treatments for even standard procedures vary greatly in price as each dentist charges according to their experience and the quality of facilities provided. …
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IT & Entrepreneurship
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Download file to see previous pages This report stresses that Dental Ease has come up with an idea to design a website, which will include data of all the dentists located in a particular area or region. This website would present information regarding dental clinics where consumers can locate the ones convenient to them differently. These details would be clearly outlined for each dentist including their address, telephone numbers, their clinical specialities, price lists of various standard procedures and any ongoing discount deals. They will also be able make comparisons between their selected clinics through a simple 2-step procedure.
This paper makes a conclusion that Dental Ease website will provide the service of helping customers with selecting the best dental clinics in their locality or region. They will be able to compare prices of different treatments, their clinical specialties and take advantage of any special discounts or offers available. Customers will be able to select their desired clinic and dental treatment and checkout from Dental Ease website using their credit card and PayPal. Upon checkout, a voucher will be emailed to them, which will contain details of their purchase. If the business is stable and keeps earning a good return, Dental Care will pay off investors, and find someone that can be trusted to keep running the business while the management uses the remaining cash to develop the next great idea. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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