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Television Advertisements - Research Paper Example

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This essay stresses that there is a general concern for parents and other stakeholders on the effects the television advertisements have on the children. The modern society has indicated an ever growing need for information where families and individuals rely on information…
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Television Advertisements
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Download file to see previous pages The paper realizes the prevalence of such behavior and in that acts as a measure to find a solution to the previously answered problem. The research question seeks to address the issue on a producer’s and a television company perspective. It aims to ensure that the involved stakeholders understand their social responsibility in protecting the children by developing relevant measures to combat the adverse effects on the children. The question relates to the significant problem of the various impacts of TV advertisements on children but adopts a different approach from the previous studies.
This discussion declares that the concern will not be a regulation by the prevailing regulative bodies, but an undertaking by advertisement houses and television companies meant to limit the effects of these ads on the children. The answer would work towards improving the overall health of the American population since there will be reduced cases of obesity and smoking among the children. Obesity and smoking are some of the primary causes of heart-related diseases and lung cancer in the United States and other areas in the world. Eliminating the negative influence of TV ads on the children will create a direct effect on the reduction in the prevalence rate of the associated diseases such as lung cancer and heart diseases. The outcome can be included in the commercial television industry code of practice that will ensure the children are not influenced negatively by the ads and that parents are assured of their children’s safety. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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