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People’s wants are shifting to more technological advances. This scenario puts the national park business in a bad position due to the declining number of visits. To tackle this, national parks have to…
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Selecting Media for Your Organization
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Media and marketing affiliation Media and marketing With years changing, the modes of passing time are changing significantly. People’s wants are shifting to more technological advances. This scenario puts the national park business in a bad position due to the declining number of visits. To tackle this, national parks have to choose the best media to advertise their services. The media should capture a wider range of people as possible.
In Nairobi National park, we have a target market of the youthful citizens. As much the organization targets the local audience, we cannot ignore foreign tourist. In this times and age, people are more inclined to internet services and electrical entertainment. The middle aged generation is lured to social media sites and that presented the venue of advertisement of the organization. In the organization, we embraced the use of the internet and television advertisements.
It becomes easier to sell your name to a densely populated location. The best marketing strategies revolve around the internet. The internet is home to millions of people who opt for online shopping and bookings. With the organization’s target audience being middle aged and international tourists, it is an obvious assumption that they use the internet and television to get marketing information.
Using the internet and television advertisements meets the needs of the audience in different ways. First the two Medias are very convenient and cheap. Additionally, the internet provides the audience to interact with the organization if any need arises. It gives the audience to place prior bookings at any time and place.
Using the two Medias come with different challenges. First, online marketing should be first and brief so as to maintain the client’s patience. If a certain online advert is more than 3 clicks away, the client stands on high probability of abandoning the advert. Another challenge is that the lesser in society are not fully considered. In some instances, there are people who are not of any exposure to a computer or television set.
Via the two media modes, the organization measures message exposure by internet hits and media impressions. For example, if a certain television channel may have 50.000 viewers at the time of the advertisement, then the organizations has made 50,000 impressions. The internet hit is an online mode of media impressions.
The media plays a major role when choosing the best method f public relation messaging. According to Zarrella (2010), with the consideration of trends and the target audience, the media has a positive impact on marketing strategies.
Zarrella D, 2010, the social media marketing book, Sebastopol, CA: O’Reilly Media Inc. Read More
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Selecting Media for Your Organization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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