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Strategic Staffing Handbook NAME: AFFILIATION: UNIVERSITY: Table of Contents Introduction to Strategic Staffing 3 Brief Description about the company 4 Vision Statement 4 Mission Statement 5 Core Values of the Company 5 Organization Structure of Company 6 Guidelines for Strategic Staffing in the company 7 Job Analysis: 8 Job Posting: 8 Recruitment and Selection Process: 9 Pre-Employment Testing and Assessment: 12 Employee Development 13 Growth Opportunities 14 Conclusion 15 References 16 Appendix-I: Interview Questions 17 Appendix-II: Employee Handbook 19 Introduction 19 Welcome note from CEO: 19 Brief information about organization 19 Vision Statement 20 Mis…
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Stragic Staffing Handbook
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Download file to see previous pages ave policies 28 Communication processes 28 Employment termination process 28 Leaving procedures 28 Disciplinary procedures 28 Introduction to Strategic Staffing Strategic staffing is mandatory for every organization as they need to develop effective mechanisms in the organizations to ensure that the number of employees employed is proper (Abraham, 2007). The organizations need to ensure that appropriate staffing requirements are in place so that they have an idea about the direction in which the organization should move ahead. According to Naris and Ukpere (2010) and Noe et al. (2006), it is important strategic staffing handbook takes account of all the important rules and policies so that employees have an idea about the working environment of the organization. The strategic staffing handbook must be developed in consensus with the top management so that they are willing to contribute to the organization’s performance (Millmore et al., 2007). All the organizations need to ensure that proper policies and guidelines are provided so that the organization’s performance can be judged and it can easily take into account of any problems that might occur in future (Naris and Ukpere, 2009). According to Holland et al. (2007), the primary aims of the strategic staffing handbook are: 1. Job Analysis: Provide description of the number of employees required alongwith the capabilities of the employees to perform the tasks. It will provide details about the way it should be done. 2. Postings: The ways in which posting will be done alongwith the process of doing the recruitment. 3. Recruitment and Selection Process: Identify the current and forecasted level of employees and ensure that the employees are retained in the organization. Describe the application process and final selection details alongwith interview. 4. Post-assessment strategies: The Company will provide guidelines about the way in which the employees will be motivated to work in the organization and will retain as well. Brief Description about the company The industry that our company has decided to enter is fast food industry and the range of products that will be offered will constitute of all kinds of fast food items. The test marketing of the products has been successful and the marketing activities will be designed to create product and brand awareness as well as grow customer base. Our company is medium sized in structure and it is important that we do proper planning for the set up of our organization. The company “Food Mania” has its own market and currently, there are few competitors that are making fresh and customized products. Our company is mainly targeting ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Stragic Staffing Handbook Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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