The Relationship between Social Media and Brand Management - Dissertation Example

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This study “The Relationship between Social Media and Brand Management” has been conducted with the aim of analyzing factors, which are capable of identifying the relationship between brand management as well as the performance of social media…
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The Relationship between Social Media and Brand Management
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Download file to see previous pages Hence, it is noteworthy that social media has become one of the key business communication tools, which has helped modern organizations to promote their brands worldwide. On the other hand, the online marketing concept has triggered impressive transformations, especially in the domain of brand management, thereby eliminating the risks inherent to the traditional marketing concept (Brindle, 2011).
 The use of social media for brand management was also considered quite helpful for both the customers as well as for the company, owing to its ability to target customers in clusters and reach them with efficiency, within a very short time span. It is also noteworthy that the brand image of a company is perceived as one of the most valuable assets in the modern day context. This particular assertion becomes quite apparent with reference to the strategies applied by Alibaba Group to promote its brand in a popular Chinese social media named Sina Weibo. Alibaba Group is noted as one of the most popular Chinese e-commerce retail outlets, which deals in all kinds of products. Prior to the inception of social media, brand managers engaged in different companies followed various marketing communication strategies, such as storytelling, aggressive and frequent advertisement as well as newsletter distribution to the customers. In this regard, it can be mentioned that the traditional methods of brand promotion were less cost-efficient in comparison to the modern brand promotion strategies, which certainly raises a noteworthy challenge to modern organizations. However, the advent of online brand management strategy has proved cost efficient as well as less time-consuming in nature to mitigate previous stress factors associated to company’s customer relationship strategies through brand management (Jenkinson et. al., 2005).
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