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Following an August 2014 survey carried out by, it was revealed that Yelp, through the organization’s website that the company was worth $5 billion and at the study moment it had up to 130 million unique users. Having been founded in 2004, Yelp is an online based…
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Communication Dashboard Project Description
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Download file to see previous pages ominance in its business line, the growth of the organization as well as the increased data traffic in its website is owed to social media connectivity which enables users to post reviews based on first-hand information or research.
The purpose of the is to collect information from users all around the San Francisco area and use it to provide customers with market information regarding the businesses and organizations active in the restaurant industry. The overreliance of the website’s reviews from online social media shows that the company embraces technology and uses as a business tool. While the site is informative in business terms considering business-to-customer relationship, it also aids the restaurant industry to maintain regular and sustainable growth and development.
However, since yelp offers information regarding services offered around the San Francisco’s restaurant industry, it faces challenges from competition comprising of consultant firms, experts in market analysis, professionals with high levels of experience in evaluating business performance, as well as internal sources that companies provide shareholders with in terms of annual financial results. Based the base factors, this study aims at analyzing the communication process of the company’s website as the communication vehicle.
Yelp is an organization that uses a website to link customers with customers and businesses with customers as the organization’s website is used as the communication vehicle. Under the notable features of the website are financial strategies, business strategies, as well as customer attraction to San Francisco restaurants.
San Francisco’s economy is highly dependent on the number and output of businesses within the region. Based on this case, San Francisco has been applying and implementing strategies that can help trade resources available within the state. On the other hand, the number of visiting customers from other states continued to grow ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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